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Thread: CX-3 Picture Thread

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    That's a 3 though, not a CX-3

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhinoTheBeast View Post
    Lowered H+R springs -3,5 cm - Rims Japan Racing 19inch JR22 - Tires Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 225/40 ZR19 - Sebring Sportexhaust - Mazda Aero Pack - Alu Pedal set
    Looking for some extra HP tho, any suggestions are welcome!
    Nice. I would paint the chrome around the grille red or maybe black and do something similar with the rear and Remove the badges like this:

    Next, get an ECU tune from orange virus and Ditch the lowering springs for some BC racing coilovers. Lowering springs are going to wear out your struts quickly.

    I would also remove that rhino plate frame from the front for a cleaner look and have a body shop colour match the matte black trim around the wheel wells with the rest of the body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPerception View Post
    That's a 3 though, not a CX-3
    Whoops, my bad, wrong forum.
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