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Thread: BC Racing Coilovers BR Type

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    BC Racing Coilovers BR Type

    I have had these on my 2 for about a month and a half. I absolutely love them. They can be slammed yet not completely sacrificing comfortability. In my eyes, they are the perfect coilover for those daily drivers who also want to track.
    The only reason I am having to let them go is because of financial needs I have to meet in order to fulfill another project.
    The coils have never given me any trouble and were a breeze to install.
    They have 30 dampening settings as well as front camber plates to completely tuck that wheel in.
    I am asking $725 but am willing to negotiate. Just comment here or send me a PM and we'll see about working something out.

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    Are these still for sale email me

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    Same here, still for sale?

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