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Thread: Who has got the highest mileage CX-9 out there?

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    So a little update after getting it to the dealer.. My water pump is bad. It has a slow leak through the weep hole but it is not leaking into the oil yet and the engine is solid! That's great news! The other part of this is that I had a second leak as well. At first they didn't know where it was coming from. They said it might be a freeze plug which had me puzzled on how a car that is always garaged and well maintained could pop a freeze plug. They quoted me quite a bit of labor to fix both water pump and the freeze plugs, but said they would see if they could get a more definite answer on the heavy leak after they pull the engine. Once they pulled the engine they found a broken antifreeze hose that runs in the valley of the engine that is leaking bad. Phew! That saved me about 5 hours of labor for not doing the freeze plug (The one behind the transmission requiring the tranny and engine to be separated.)

    My transfer case is solid with no problems. They think the clicking noise was coming from my axles, or my brake calipers..? I don't remember for sure but they said they think they fixed it during diagnosis. Im anticipating probably an $1800-$1900 bill for the water pump and leaky hose.

    Im pretty sure once we get this back we are going to be hunting for another vehicle. The transfer case/transmission thing really scares me and Id rather sell this thing when I know that everything works great and is solid rather than waiting for symptom.

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    265k on my 08 CX9....

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    2010 GT made 164000 miles till now

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    Quote Originally Posted by 08cx9 View Post
    265k on my 08 CX9....
    Have you had to replace any major components? How about the shocks/struts?
    2008 CX-9 Grand Touring, White/Sand

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    HI, Good day fellow CX-9 Owners,

    I just rediscovered "" and am wondering if anyone returns to a thread to update their CX-9 High Mileage experiences?
    Or, do I start a new thread?

    I'm also rethinking should I keep the car long term as hoped or trade out while in "good shape/not too old" (7yr.s) ?
    I have 2012 CX-9 GT AWD and just turned odometer 90 K and also hope to get 250 K + Miles out of the car which is currently in great shape with exception of Front Brakes, Transmission/Transfer case funky feeling/klunk when reversing UP my driveway and Front door wind noise.

    Re. BRAKES
    I've warped my third pair of undersized front rotors and pads just started grinding - OUCH!
    I'm evaluating replacing OEM front rotors and pads with high quality drilled and slotted rotors for superior cooling and wear, along with matched high performance/quality pads with quoted "30 - 35% improvement in stopping power" - My hope is to only replace pads a tad sooner while lubing calipers to save the rotor for longer wear? - and of course a superior braking experience over a longer period. - SO is it worth the cost of a couple extra hundred?

    Top of the list at the moment is EBC Brakes - GD FRONT ROTOR # GD1698 w/ EBC's "Red Stuff"front PAD # DP31794C

    Funky feeling/klunk in Transmission/Transfer case:
    This has only happened on several occasions, and when does makes you wonder... "OK, is this the beginning of a Too Costly FIX? "
    So just started looking into this and WELCOME ANY INPUT AVAILABLE?

    Front door wind noise
    I've tried a number of solutions with NO improvement and the dealer just wants us to buy a new car- SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS WE WOULD EMBRACE THEM!


    I also had the transmission flushed w/Synthetic trany fluid replacement at 75 K miles and had the lower control arms/ball joints replaced under a recall.
    I also replaced steering linkage end joints as was told they were loose.
    I was told not to replace transfer case oil, but just watch it ? ? (But wonder if good proactive practice is to flush & change anyways ? ? )
    I run a synthetic oil blend and change oil / rotate tires every 4K miles.
    I bought new all season tires at 22 K miles when I bought the car and and impressed how long they've lasted (70K+) although will need to replace by end of summer.

    i WILL MAKE AN EFFORT to come back and update my experiences, etc.
    Thank you to all of you who participate!

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    Re: brakes - not worth spending a lot of extra money on up-sold claimed "premium" pads or rotors, in my humble opinion. With the exception of I think it is worth it to get rotors with an E-coating to protect the non-brake pad surface from rust. Pads - Tried many and they all seem to have about the same performance. CX-9 brakes are just too small and there is no Brembo big brake kit made unfortunately. Best thing to do is just don't tailgate, and effective braking for red lights and stop signs. Slamming on brakes to a stop with pad printing will kill your longevity, and over torquing of wheels will also affect your brake life. I'm on at least my 4th set of brakes at 101k miles.
    Transmission - there are entire threads on your all wheel drive issue. Not going to even touch on that. See those threads to participate.
    Wind noise - you can put your front windows down and pull down your run channel and re-adjust the rubber and that helps vastly, or you can replace your rubber run channels for the front door glass. The run channel loosens and I've found particularly in the back of the front windows the channel moves rearward. Try pulling the channel forward towards the mirror to close the gap at the back of the glass.
    Good luck!

    08' CX-9 GT FWD
    Gray Mica with Black Interior
    Nav/Bose/Sunroof/Bluetooth /Rack&Crossbars/BSM/Pwr Lift/Homelink Mirror/Tow Pkg/All Weather Rear Mats
    K&N drop-in filter/Centric E-Coated rotors & Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramics /2 Yakima ForkLift Bike Trays/ Weathertech front mats
    Tires: Nitto NT421Q
    Oil: Mobile One Full Synth & Mobile One Extended Performance filter
    Problems to date: Blower motor relays replaced once, intake manifold rear brace was missing from factory build, headlamp motors weak, windshield wiper plastic cap, rear strut leak.
    Mileage: 100k
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Job: Material Damage Adjuster


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    about the brakes, any compatible Ford Edge kits (they have the same platform). And if ever bigger kits are avail, hope they will not drastically affect the electronic brake assist (EBD, EBA, ABS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeRJGR View Post
    Just purchased a CX-9. Only my second Japanese vehicle. I keep my vehicles forever, do all the maintenance myself, and hope to do the same with this vehicle.

    Here are the vehicles I have had over the years and the mileage before I got rid of them.

    1984 300ZX - sold at 185,000 miles....replaced brakes and an alternator
    1998 Audi A4 - sold at 150,000..replaced brakes and a control arm
    2005 Mercedes Benz ML-350 - did the EGR at 40k, water pump at 80k, Front shocks and crankshaft position sensor at 100K, A/C Pulley Bearing at 105K. Vehicle has 118,000 right now and I have no intention of getting rid of it...

    I have read a lot about problems like transfer cases and water pumps, so I'd like to feel good about this purchase and have some people weigh in some super high mileage vehicles!!!!


    What generation CX-9 did you get? This is critical as they are built differently. Because in this case, how long the 1st Gen CX-9(2006-2015) lasted, will not be very indicative of how long the 2nd Gen will last, they were built and designed with completely different critical components. I explain below.

    1st Gen, used a Ford V6(either 3.5 or 3.7liter depending on the year), with a Ford designed AWD(Totally flawed design, as it seems 10 out of 10 of them failed due to the transfer case, and when the driveshaft seizes up, it could take down the transmission and or engine down with it as somethings moving and something is locking up). The Ford designed V6 was known to have some water pump issues later in life as well. There might be some other minor quirks, I've read about A/C going in and out later in it's life, etc. You might have a decent outlook if you bought the FWD setup(as most of the major problems: Engine/Transmission stemmed from the transfer case in the poorly designed AWD system), I've briefly read that some backyard tinkerer's tried to make fixes for the AWD transfer case to make it work, since if it was replaced with a new one, the same result would happen down the road, this affected many Ford vehicles with this AWD setup as well.

    2nd Gen, totally Mazda designed in Japan, uses the 2.5 Liter Skyactiv motor with a dynamic pressure turbo with a Mazda designed AWD system. Foresee-ably more reliable, though time will tell, Mazda is usually pretty thorough in their testing with their testing mules, though things can still be overlooked. The transmission is built by Aisin of Japan, one of the best automatic transmission makers in the world(they make all of Toyota automatic transmissions, some of the older torque converted Audi transmission, and in the recent past they built virtually all of VW/Audi/Porsche's manual transmission... this is just to name a few... what makes Aisin legendary in general, is that the transmissions seem to be thoroughly test, overbuilt, and well manufactured/designed/engineered, one of the most legendary transmissions they built stock was the Supra MK4, stock that transmission was able to take 800+ lbs/ft and 800 whp... talk about overbuilt.)... having said this, Mazda did do some hands on designing with the Skyactiv automatic transmission, so we'll see how well it holds up.

    As for spark plug changes, it really depends on what the vehicle was shipped with, generally luxury brands shipped with more expensive Iridium plugs and recommend OEM(because they are also Iridium) in order to achieve those high mileage intervals. Mainstream brands sometimes give them Platinum (last around 50k miles)or sometimes Iridium(last around 100k miles). I personally still have my stock Iridium plugs on my Mazda with close to 140k miles on them... granted I inspect them often and clean them by spraying them down with carb cleaner, give them a mild scrub with a nylon brush(never use a steel brush! That'll damage it for sure) and then torching them until all the carbon is burned off... people may argue "this doesn't work cause...", but it does, and I'm not telling anyone to do it as well, do it on your own risk, but my plugs are still going strong with no misfires, others do it as well, the only sign of wear I had was the carbon building on the tips, which I cleaned off. Disclaimer, again do it on your own risk, I'm not recommending it. If your plugs are already fouled and deformed, then you have other issues and "restoring" them won't work.
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    We have a 2009 GT AWD now FWD with 192000. I did remove the drive shaft and the PTU about a month ago and it has been flawless. Thanks very much to PUMA who guided me through it. i was doing the maintenance on the ptu which was an awful PITA but it had started to leak and drip on the exhaust plus with all the warnings about failure i just took it off.
    we like the car so much we bought another 2014 FWD with 61000 last week. we travel a lot more and didn't want any trouble.
    I just simply cant make up my mind to sell it at with 192000 working perfectly before troubles or keep it and see what happens??$$ how far it would have gone.

    If i have to give it away for 4500- i would rather keep it also it doesn't look like anyone is gonna touch it with that many miles.

    i would love to know about transmission replacement cost and that ford engine replacement cost. i would like to know what i am potentially getting into.
    i would love to hear some thoughts from some high milers as well. also i have a good working well maintained ptu with a slight leak - if anyone want an excellent boat anchor

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    Brake discs almost never actually warp. Cast iron just about never warps. Here's more on brake judder commonly mis-described as warped rotors:

    One common cause of the brake judder is using pad friction material that isn't suitable for the heat developed by that driver in that car. Upgrade the pad materials. If one wants to upgrade the rotors, avoid drilled rotors. Slotted rotors are OK. Look at your old rotors. If road salt has caused serious rust clogging the cooling slots, get the anti-rust coated rotors mentioned above.

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    Hello. My cx-9 from 2008 currently has a mileage of 178 thousand miles. The car has full power, the engine works nicely.

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    Hi, I have a 2010 CX9 that just hit 150,000 miles. So far I've only replaced front left/right wheel bearings and front/rear brakes. We went on a road trip last March from Houston to Roswell, Roswell to El Paso, El Paso to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Palm springs, Palm springs to Arizona, Arizona to El Paso, and El Paso back to Houston. We have also done several drives from Houston to Miami and back. Luckily haven't had any issues. Overall the cx9 has been great but only concern I have is the internal water pump

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    Great thread! Wife*s 2012 CX9 has 78k mi and I was thinking about getting rid of this due to the impending water pump and PTU issues, but after seeing this I may hang on for another couple of years

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