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Thread: Spark Plug Removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruthrj View Post
    It*s well established that the NGK plugs are the OEM without the Mazda logo (down to the part number printed on them). Yrwei did a deep dive research project and somehow found out that some CX-5*s came standard with the Denso Iridium spark plugs. Those are the only two I*d consider. Anything else is a roll of the dice.

    EBay plugs are likely going to be counterfeit when the claim is OEM for a set of 4 cheaper than the going rate of 1 plug. People who installed eBay plugs over at OdyClub thinking they were OEM lost hundreds in labor when the counterfeit set caused misfires and such in under a year of use.
    I recall reading how some Tacomas' v6 engines had NGKs on one side and Densos on the other . Both are JDM oem manufacturers and should be good as long as the specs match. No issues after 35k miles on aftermarket NGK 94124 ILKAR7L11.......only issue was my plug socket kept getting removed from my extension tool. I ended up using electrical tape to tape it unto my ratchet extension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CX-5um View Post
    only issue was my plug socket kept getting removed from my extension tool. I ended up using electrical tape to tape it unto my ratchet extension.
    Haha, I had to do the same exact thing when I replaced my plugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergeyv View Post
    [emoji23] what a non sense.... keep using oem and getting ripped off instead of using good ngk or denso spark plugs.

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    That's not nonsense, its 100% from the workshop manua specifiedl values.. just because a non oem plug is gapped correctly doesn't mean it meets the same resistance (even within the same brand, you can find tests of this in many places). If you actually research the topic (instead of a denying with 0 background) you'll find that multiple plugs with different model numbers and from different manufacturers, specified for the same car can have wildly different resistances. Considering how many years and or tens of thousands of miles plugs usually last, I'd rather pay for the performance than save $20 or $30 usd every 75,000 miles. That is, unless I test s plug and its within the range the ecu is looking for. If it's not, only the standard knock sensor behinh the intake manifold is being used which isn't as precise.

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    If you look at misfire/error code engine problems on this site you will find that several people solved such problems by putting the correct spark plug in due to the ion feedback system that the ECU uses...

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    Spark Plug Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Top_Her View Post
    If you actually research the topic (instead of a denying with 0 background)
    I work as a mechanic mate, i need no research. Have been using NGK/denso for ages on brand new cars or old ones. As long as you follow the cross reference supplied by NGK / Denso. Never ever had I any issue with those spark plugs. But again, if you want to stick to the electrical numbers and facts on paper, your choice. Iíll stick to facts in everyday use and experience.

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    Arrow Spark Plug Removal

    What Chris_Top_Her has said does have his base. OVT (OrangeVirus Tuning) had posted following comments several years ago here.

    Quote Originally Posted by OVT View Post
    Without getting into too much guys really...really..really want to use OEM plugs....
    Quote Originally Posted by OVT View Post
    the reason is because the ECU uses the ignition coils, which measure a resistance across the OEM plug for pre-ignition, and extremely low levels of knock retard the knock sensor cannot pick up, along with that it gives the ECU individual cylinder information, the spark plugs are actually used "as a sensor."

    How it works exactly is proprietary information that I am not willing to share, you want to use OEM plugs.

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