This should be my last ignorant post, and hopefully someone can help me out on here. I got this MP3 that was running terribly, turns out low compression on all cylinders, running lowest from #1 to least lowest #4 in that order. Previous owner "rebuilt the engine" and I am assuming re-used the head bolts and gasket and did not torque correctly. So I went ahead and replaced them yesterday. After re-installation of everything, and correcting the timing, the engine now cranks beautifully (before it cranked hesitantly), however, will not start. All of the sensors, plugs, and blah blah are connected. Fuel collects in the cylinders from not firing, so injectors work. Spark tested the plugs, so that is good. Last thing I have is compression to test (Don't have the tool), but it started just fine prior to the head-gasket replacement. scanned and all the sensors seem to be reading fine.

Important notes: Took a used FPR solenoid and ECT sensor from a different 2.0L protege, but the readings are correct. And I am running on 89 octane not 92.

This is just confusing and extremely annoying, please throw some knowledge at me.