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Thread: Pioneer AVH-4000 NEX Install

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    I finally got everything working, including the factory camera but I just want all the icons to be lit up. I know it's silly but it just doesn't look right if everything doesn't work as it should. It took a month to finally get my pioneer iPod 30 pin cable from China and a little bit of tweaking to get it to play video so now I also can MirrorLink my old inactive note 4 phone with an MHL adapter via HDMI & use my Samsung S7 as a hotspot for Wi-Fi, I can play music and video from my iPod, watch movies with my 64 gigabyte SD card (soon to be upgraded) listen to my CD/DVD player, tune into Sirius/XM, check out HD Radio stations and play Bluetooth music on my phone.

    I know it's Overkill but I feel proud of myself that I actually got it all to work and I didn't have to go back to BestBuy to have him charge me for the time it would take to plug in cables when I could do it myself. The installer at Best Buy acted so superior even though he admitted I had done my research so I'm feeling super accomplished. I know I could have installed the radio myself in the first place but I didn't want to hassle with it. My splash screen is a red CX-5 and I put the Mazda logo as my wallpaper.

    I am not a fan on android auto and use the avicsync via bluetooth. I have a 30 day free trial but not sure if I am going to keep it. I can use the voice button on the steering wheel after a LONG press to have text messages read and sent and to make phone calls and all the other functions work for volume, hang up, answer and moving to the next song etc. Voice control is not as good as the factory but at least it works (My factory radio no longer read text messages & the IPOD would not work anymore) and I am figuring out the Navigation settings so that will get easier.

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    First of all thanks to jlcpremier for posting this as it's been a great point of reference as well as the collective input from everybody else. So I have performed this swap on my 13 CX-5 GT due to wanting sat radio. Going with a factory Sirius module wasn't an option in my case. Fabricating the back up camera harness was the hardest part of this install but it works great. I decided to power my camera via the reverse light feed wire (white/black stripe). This wire can be found in the connector for the RBCM (blue) mounted behind the paneling near the LR taillight access door. Then it was simply grounded. My Rp4 harness came with built in rca wires so it made for a simple install however I'm sure the module itself is screwed. No red light is observed at all when the programming button is pressed where as before it was. Not sure what happened and PAC tech support hasnt been helpful thus far. So my steering wheel controls are the only thing at the moment that are inop. Also as an added point my pioneer deck didn't have a power antenna wire in the supplied harness so I used the ACC wire mentioned previously and now my radio works properly. I can say I miss the good days where radios were simple to swap lol

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    For those of you interested in this upgrade, I did this a couple years ago to my leased 2015 CX-5. Recently turned in my lease, and have all the wiring you need, including a backup camera harness I purchased (tried making one myself and didn't go so well). I'm selling it in the marketplace here. I also have a Pioneer 4100NEX for sale. PM if interested, or if you have any questions with the install.

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    Does anyone have the images from the original posts? Specifically I was looking for the wiring information for the backup camera. I'm looking to do this with mine (2015 CX-5) in the near future, and don't want to run a new camera.

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