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Thread: Part No request for Workshop or Engine Manual - MZR CD 2.2 Diesel R2 2009

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    Red face Part No request for Workshop or Engine Manual - MZR CD 2.2 Diesel R2 2009

    Does anyone know the Part No / Form No for either the Workshop or Engine Manual

    CX-7, Engine is a MZR CD 2.2 Diesel R2 2009

    Edit - Should be similar to Mazda 6 / 3 = R2AA

    Better still does anyone have the manuals!

    You wouldnt believe the places I've looked
    - best collection so far
    Edit - schematics -


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    does anyone have any updated links, as the links above are not working,

    A website that I can purchase from would be great too,if they are the right version for this engine



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