Welcome to Mazdas247. The purpose of this board is to serve as a community of Mazda owners and enthusiasts and as a database of information on Mazda's vehicle lineup. In order to provide the best environment for everyone, we promote a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect between users. These are our rules and guidelines. Please read and understand them thoroughly and direct any questions to a member of the Mazdas247 Team. These rules and guidelines are subject to change and revisions as deemed necessary by the Mazdas247 Team.

Your cooperation and understanding would be greatly appreciated, thank you and enjoy the forums!

I. User Accounts, Registration, and User Levels

1. Users must have a valid and active e-mail account in order to successfully complete the user registration process. Upon registering, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the address specified during sign-up. This e-mail message contains an activation link that must be visited in order to verify your e-mail address and allow you to post messages. The confirmation e-mail is sent out immediately upon registering, but, depending on your ISP and e-mail provider, may be delayed for several minutes or hours. If you do not receive this message in your inbox, be sure to check your 'spam' or 'junk mail' folder, as many mail filters have been known to incorrectly mark this message as spam.

2. Absolutely no distinction or benefits are given to users with high post counts. All profile options, including signature, avatars, and custom title are immediately available upon registration.

II. User Profile

1. User signatures may contain both text and images. User avatars may contain a single image.

2. The maximum size for signatures including all text and images is 750 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, or 250 KB, whichever is smaller.

3. Any text or images containing links or URLs in your signature, avatar or avatar title to unauthorized vendor websites, stores, forums and any form of contact information is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized vendors can only be displayed in your signature as default text (size 2 max), in a "Mod list" image as default text (size 2 max) or in the form of a logo image (non-linked). Default text means you can only use a font from the message options menu (ex: Verdana, size 2). A list of current Authorized Vendors and Approved Merchant Members can be found in the Authorized Vendor Directory.

4. The maximum size for avatars is 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, or 50 KB, whichever is smaller.

5. All images and text for avatars, signatures, and all profile options including custom user title must abide by the decency standards outlined in Section IV.

6. Each user account receives 100 MB of storage space to upload files in any of the following formats: asf, avi, bmp, doc, gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, mov, mp3, mpeg, mpg, pdf, png, psd, txt, xls, zip.

III. Posting

1. Because Mazdas247 is an extremely large online community, many questions have already been asked and answered sometime in the past. Before posting a new thread, click on the search button; there is a good chance that your question has already been asked before in an existing thread. Words of less than 3 letters are not indexed and cannot be entered in as search terms. If you have any questions about the search feature, please contact a member of the forums team.

2. Mazdas247 is split into many different sections and sub-sections to help organize threads. On the main forum page, short descriptions of each section can be found under the sections* names. When posting a new thread, post in the forum that most closely relates to your question. This will ensure the quickest response. If a moderator must move your thread into the correct forum, you will probably not receive any responses until the thread is moved.

3. Posting the same message in multiple sections (also known as "double posting" or "cross posting") is prohibited without the consent of a super moderator or administrator. If the content of your post spans multiple categories and you are unsure where to place it, contact a member of the forums team for assistance.

4. The creation of useless threads and replies for any reason, especially for increasing your post count ("post whoring"), is prohibited.

5. Posting threads and or replies which portray illegal racing of any form in a positive or entertaining manner is strictly prohibited.

6. Placing personal items for sale is allowed only in the Marketplace. All items put up for sale must follow the Mazdas247 For Sale Rules and Guidelines.

7. If you are a vendor and wish to sell products on this site, you must be an "Authorized Vendor" (AV). Being an "Authorized Vendor" means you are trusted by the administrators, moderators and members of this site. Any violation of that trust and your vendor status may be terminated. To obtain "Authorized Vendor" status, please fill out the AV Application.

8. If you are a member who does not have an official business but you produce a limited or custom product independently (at home for example) for sale in the forums, you will need to be an "Approved Merchant Member" (AMM). To obtain "Approved Merchant Member" status, fill out the AMM Application.

9. As a Member of Mazdas247, you agree not to post or otherwise make available content that constitutes or contains "affiliate marketing," "link referral code," or *unsolicited commercial advertisement".

IV. User Conduct and Decency Standards

1. Be respectful of others at all times. The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas. Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. It is possible to disagree without being insulting.

2. Personal attacks are prohibited. Commonly known as "flaming", personal attacks are posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another member. Posts of this nature are not beneficial to the community spirit and will not be tolerated. Personal disputes should be settled through the forum*s private messaging system.

3. Be tolerant of new members who are unfamiliar with how the forums are set up or with the search function. Instead of "newbie bashing", politely give them the information they are looking for and point them towards the search button.

4. Profanity in thread titles, signatures, or public profile options is prohibited. While profanity is permitted within the text of a post, try to keep this at a minimum.

5. Pornography is not permitted anywhere on the forums including links to pornography on other websites. Mazdas247 defines pornography as images with exposed genitalia (for images of either sex) or topless images (for female images).

6. Discriminatory remarks and any form of discrimination are prohibited.

7. Make an effort to limit potentially offensive posts or material. There is greater tolerance for potentially offensive posts (obscene jokes, etc.) in the Off Topic forum. Posts deemed too offensive will be edited and or deleted.

8. Illegal or "pirated" software or content of any kind must not be accessible via Mazdas247. Any link or connection between this community and illegal software or content is not permitted.

9. Vendor and merchant disputes from customers must be handled privately. Negative reviews for vendors can only be posted after (a) direct communication to the vendor has failed, and (b) you have contacted a forum administrator or super moderator explaining the situation and have gained permission to post a negative review. Personal attacks towards a merchant or vendor authorized to do business on the forums is strictly prohibited. Mazdas247 has a zero tolerance policy towards unwarranted attacks on vendors and merchants (users with the title "Authorized Vendor" or "Authorized Merchant Member" under their username). They are the "lifeline" of the Mazda aftermarket. Making unwarranted attacks, or negative reviews without proper permission, against vendors or merchants can result in an immediate and permanent ban without warning.

10. Disputes between vendors and or merchants must be handled privately or off the forum. All Authorized Vendors and Authorized Merchant Members are required to act professionally at all times, including when resolving any disputes with another vendor or merchant. Mazdas247 has a zero tolerance policy towards attacks by one vendor or merchant to another. Vendors or merchants who do so may have their status revoked without refund.

11. The act of intentionally posting inflammatory threads or replies for no other purpose than inciting or provoking others, also known as "trolling", is strictly prohibited. Mazdas247 has a zero tolerance policy towards trolling, meaning users who engage in such activity can be immediately and permanently banned without warning.

12. Spam is strictly prohibited. Mazdas247 has a zero tolerance policy towards spammers, meaning use of this forum for unapproved advertisement can result in an immediate and permanent ban without warning.

13. Circumventing a temporary or permanent ban is strictly prohibited. Mazdas247 has a zero tolerance policy towards users who re-register additional account(s) to circumvent their ban, meaning those accounts are subject to an immediate and permanent ban without warning.

V. Disciplinary Action & Punishment

1. Several levels of disciplinary action can be instated when a member breaks any of the rules listed in this document:
a. Informal warning
b. Formal warning
c. Temporary ban
d. Permanent ban
e. Infraction System (see section VI)

2. Informal warnings and formal warnings can be given by any member of the forums team.

3. Temporary bans and permanent bans can only be instated by a forum administrator or super moderator.

4. The exact level of disciplinary action or punishment is determined by the severity of the infringement as well as the user's history of previous infractions.

5. The appeals process for disciplinary actions taken against a user account is initiated by sending an e-mail to Antoine@Mazdas247.com with the subject "Mazdas247 Disciplinary Action Appeal" and the following information:

a. Forum username.
b. Date the action was taken.
c. Username of the forums team member who instated the disciplinary action (if known).
d. Brief explanation of the situation. Include links to the thread(s) and attach any correspondence to and from members of the forums team relating to the situation.
e. Brief argument(s) for reversing the disciplinary action.

Permanent bans instated for breaking any of the "zero tolerance" rules in section IV are final and are not eligible for appeal.

VI. System of Infraction Issuance For Member Misconduct

I. Warnings of Misconduct

A. Any member who has acted in a manner, so as not to be in accordance with the Forum Rules, is liable to receive a warning of misconduct at the sole discretion of a Moderator/Supermoderator/Administrator. Such a warning will be received via automated personal message (PM), and will result in no accrued points toward that member's misconduct point total.

B. Behavior warranting the issuance of a warning of misconduct is outlined in section II, subsection B. Although subsection B provides examples of behavior most commonly encountered by our staff, it is not comprehensive, and thus behavior worthy of a warning or infraction is not limited to that which is outlined in the aforementioned subsection. To this regard, Moderators, Supermoderators, and Administrators may categorize such behavior as they see fit.

C. So as to act in a diplomatic manner toward our members, our staff makes every effort to issue at least one warning prior to the issuance of an infraction. However, there exist situations, such as the more serious misconduct presented in section II, subsection B, where direct issuance of an infraction is both required, and justifiable. In such an event, the process of issuing a warning may be bypassed, and an infraction given.

II. Infractions, & Misconduct Worthy of Their Issuance

A. Any member who has acted in a manner so as not to be in accordance with the Mazdas247 Rules, and has previously received one or more warnings (and subsequently failed to heed the requests of the Moderation staff and/or to remedy the given situation), is liable to receive a warning of misconduct at the sole discretion of a Moderator/Supermoderator/Administrator. Issuance of an infraction does not need to be preceded by that of a warning, in the event of that presented in section I, subsection C. An infraction will be received via automated personal message (PM), and will result in an amount of accrued points toward that member's misconduct point total, depending upon the severity of the infraction. The point values associated with given infractions, and the applicable misconduct that warrants them, are presented below, in subsection B.

B. Infractions:

1. Insulted Other Member(s): 3 points, expires in 90 days.

Blatantly insulting another member, with the sole intent of being vicious, abrasive, or incendiary is not permitted. It is possible to offer constructive criticism without inciting a negative response. Conduct such as this is especially not tolerated toward new members.

2. Signature Rule Violation: 1 point, expires in 30 days.

Members whose signature is not in accordance with the rules put forth by the Signature Rules/Guidelines, are liable to receive an infraction for inappropriate material/language, the presence of censored words, and excessive size, both in dimension and bandwidth.

3. Posted Nudity: 3 points, expire in 90 days.

Pornographic material is strictly forbidden, anywhere on Mazdas247, either directly posted or linked, in any thread, profile, avatar, or signature.

4. Blatant Disregard of Forum Rules & Policies: 6 points, expire in 180 days.

Any member acting in a perverse manner, so as to knowingly and purposefully violate the forum rules/policies is subject to receive an infraction for blatant disregard of Forum Rules & Policies.

5. Instigating Drama: 6 points, expire in 180 days.

Members conducting themselves in such a manner, so as to incite conflict between members, are liable to receive an infraction for instigating drama. "Instigating drama" includes purposefully rallying negativeness toward one or more members (known as "trolling"). There is a zero-tolerance policy for trolling on Mazdas247.

6. Spammed Advertisements: 20 points, never expire.

Spammed advertisements are generally not put forth by members, and accordingly, such an infraction is generally limited to "spam bots". However, members spamming in threads, profiles, avatars, or signatures, either directly posted or linked, is subject to receive an infraction for spammed advertisements.

C. Misconduct points accrued by means of infraction(s), are capable of compounding upon one another. If a member receives a series of infractions, whose total misconduct point value reaches ten or greater, a temporary (72 hour) ban will automatically be implemented upon that member. If a temporary ban is circumvented by the creation of another account, a more severe punishment (permanent ban in many cases) will be instituted by the Administration, as they see fit, according to the given circumstances.

For a given infraction, misconduct points will expire, and thus be purged from his/her record in the amount of time stipulated in section II, subsection B for the respective infraction.

III. Means of Mediation in the Event of a Moderator/Member Dispute, or if a Member Has a Legitimate Concern Regarding Disciplinary Action Taken Against Him/Her

A. If you have a legitimate concern regarding an infraction you have received by a moderator, feel that it was unwarranted/erroneously issued, or wish to document wrongful moderator-abuse of the infraction system, you are encouraged to contact an administrator with your complaint. For the sake of clarity, please document the relevant infractions, posts, and/or PMs.

VII. Mazdas247 Team Members (in alphabetical order)

1. Head Administrator: Antoine

2. Administrators: enry and Kooldino

3. Moderators: Visit the Moderator Directory for a list of forum Moderators and the Forum(s) they moderate.

*Special thanks goes out to jersey_emt for drafting up a new version of our site rules! I also want to thank the Moderators for their valuable input!