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Thread: How to turn on fog lights when DRL lights are on??

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    How to turn on fog lights when DRL lights are on??

    hello i noticed my fogs only come on if my headlights low beam is on when they are both set to auto. how do i make my fog lights come on when my DRLs are on or is this not a possibility?

    thank you

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    I think it's the law that factory fog lights are interlocked to only be able to come on with the low beams, and turn off with the high beams. So, I think you'll have to rewire, or at least jumper something, in order to make this work.

    Perhaps you could install the wiring harness from an aftermarket set of fog or driving lights, and power your fog lights that way, using another switch.

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    Try the search function to find your answer more quickly. This has been discussed many times.
    The short answer is that you can't do it without custom wiring as mentioned above. Doesn't really make sense to me that you can't control them independently.

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    Since you have no tail lights when you have DRLs on, it probably considered a safety hasard to drive with fog lights and no tail lights in the fog. Fog light are to be used in fog only or in very smoky air.

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    I use mine in heavy snow. Lights the roadway better.

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