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Thread: I DARE YOU!!! (99-00 protege owners)

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    I DARE YOU!!! (99-00 protege owners)

    It's been a long time since I have transformed my 99-00 protege in a prettyer version with a "MS style" Corksport front bumper and side skirts.

    But since 2008, I haven't seen any protege on any forum with the same bumper. I've seen some "Sport20" bumpers that also looks awesome (one of my friend has one), seen on internet that "Isamu Genki" version... but never mine!

    I was proud to have something unique but now I feel lonely!

    Its impossible that I was the only one who bought this bumper kit from Corksport so I want to see other proteges with that bumper... do you know one?

    My protege:

    The only one I've found is from a membre here "nautical2086" and the newest post is from 2006 so... where is he now!? Lol


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    best looking 99-00 protege by far!! i really love the look of your car, and after following your build, started to track down those CS bumpers and side skirts over a year ago when i had some money set aside. unfortunately, i missed out on the corksport clearance, and they informed me that they no longer have any of these items in stock. i'd certainly be interested if anyone was parting theirs out and shipping wasn't too expensive...btw, what kind of grille do you have on yours?
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    Thanks for comments.

    Grille is a cheap one from eBay and they are still avalaible. Doesn't fit perfectly but you aint got so much the choice when you have a 99-00 protege!
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    My 99-00 Protege

    I maybe 3 years late but here's mine. I'm new to this forum.

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