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Thread: Roof Rack options for 2014 Mazda3?

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    Did the Rola rack from your 2006 Mazda5 work? I have a 2017 Mazda 3 HB, but Rola doesn't list it in their fit guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill3 View Post
    This thread has been very helpful! But, I'm still trying to figure out what to buy and would really appreciate some informed guidance or input.

    I expect to only be using my roof rack about a half-dozen times a year, mostly for bikes. (For bikes I traditionally have used a rear carrier, but our family has grown so I will need to use both rear and roof carriers to carry bikes.) (I'd been getting away with squeezing 3 bikes on the rear carrier and squeezing a small kid's bike in the trunk, but those days are ending.)
    Wow, that's basically what I came in to write! Thanks for saving me some typing! lol

    Currently have a Swagman hitch mount carrier but I might look in to a Yakima(?) roof and hitch to keep the locks the same...though that will be more $$$

    Just checking in to see if the OEM Mazda rack is still considered the 'best' option and see what folks recommend for bike racks (I'm leaning Yakima but open to suggestions). Ideally I'd like to mount my wife and my bikes on the hitch carrier and the smaller kids bikes on the roof (lower clearance, less weight to lift etc) so I need something pretty 'universal' that will fit smaller bikes (and able to adjust as they get bigger ones).

    Also, I'm in Canada, anyone have a recommendation on where to order the OEM rack (assuming it's still best)?

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