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Thread: Factory Remote Starter - Install and Program

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    Just finished the install on my wife's CX-5. Went smooth. Completed the registration on the first attempt. Thanks TreyP for the write up.

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    Just finished this today utilizing the 1st original procedure, you definitely have to be fast at the process otherwise it will timeout.
    Overall took me 45min but I work on cars for a living lol.

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    Hi everybody!

    I'm here with a few questions about the genuine remote starter.
    I'm linving in Switzerland and I have purchased all the pieces for the genuine remote start (Keyfob, harnes and switch hood harness)
    But when I have opened the glove box, I don't have the optional plug to connect the controller harness :/

    Do you know if it's possible to connect directly on the Start Stop Unit?
    And what is the color of the cable on this plug?

    If anyone can find where the cable connect on the start stop unit under the steering wheel it will be faboulous

    PS: Sorry for my english... Hope you can undestand... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreyP View Post
    Yes, it doesn't bother me at all. You just get in and start the car the same as you would any other day, except now it is already warmed up for you when you get there so you can just drive away with no worries of the engine not being ready.

    And every after market starter you get is going to cause you to have 2 fobs, so no difference there.

    This OEM remote starter also lets you turn on the rear defroster, has a 'car finder' feature for when you forget where you parked, and it has a timer function for letting you know when the car is warmed up. I know I'll never use that last function, but I can see the value in it. There is also something to be said for having an OEM accessory as opposed to a random aftermarket one.

    All that being said, I may play with it someday to see if I can find a way to stop it from shutting off when the door is opened, since that seems to bother a lot of people.
    Just to confirm, you have to carry 2 fobs?

    Also, do I have to have both factory fobs in order for programming to work?

    I recently bought a CX-5 with only 1 fob, was hoping to use the RS fob as a second.

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    4's almost 2017..anyone figure out a good way to bypass the car from shutting off when opening the door? More importantly..why isn't Mazda changing sucks. I know someone who just bought a Jeep Cherokee 2016. They can remote start, open the door , and to go anywhere they just have to press a button, all without engine shutting off.

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    Anyone from MA area want to meet up and help with the remote start install? Pizza and beer on me!

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    Just read this whole thread. I do not understand why people are so annoyed by having to start the car again. What is the big freaking deal? If it didn't do this, I could steal your car! It doesn't bother me and I have a child to load in the car. So the car shuts off and all the heat escapes while putting my kid in...still doesn't bug me. Cars ready to go.
    Is it the extra wear and tear on the starter? Only thing I can think of. Starters are pretty robust. I've never had to replace one.

    As to the jeep comment above, with the Cherokee at least you have to insert the key to keep it running. Its not a button.

    This is my aftermarket remote.

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    I opted to purchase the idatastart HC2 and got it professionally installed. Smaller remote than OEM and has takeover mode so the engine does not shut off when the door is opened. If the key is not with you once you put your foot on the brake, it will shut the engine off. The only downside is rear defroster cannot be enabled from the remote. My installer was really surprised that this product worked so well. I paid ~$200 for the hardware and $200 for labor, overall really pleased with this remote starter system.

    idatastart link

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