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Thread: Fog Light Mod

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    Fog Light Mod

    Requesting a how-to procedure for being able to turn on the fog lights without the head lights on...

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    I had independent fog lights in my Mazda 3. I would also like to know how to do this for the CX-5.
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    I looked into this to see if there was an easy jumper you could do within the fuse box. Unfortunately, according to the schematic, there isn't. The drive to the Fog relay comes from the BCM, which performs the logic as to when to turn it on. You'd have to splice a wire directly from the switch in the steering column to the Fog relay in the fuse box, bypassing the BCM.

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    What about a BCM hack? Desolder and switch the fog with the parking light switch input wire(s)?

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    Fog Wiring

    Quote Originally Posted by IronMan0737 View Post
    What about a BCM hack? Desolder and switch the fog with the parking light switch input wire(s)?
    Hey I just installed aftermarket fogs and originally just wired the switch to the battery but I kept forgetting them on. So I ended up wiring it to the marker light wire which doubles as turn signals, you just need to check which one is which. If I remember correctly I spliced into a yellow wire. There is 3-just strip them and troubleshoot. Now even if I forget the fogs on they turn off with the car as the markers do. Hope this helps a bit even tho you probably have a factory switch. I think if you disconnect the factory switch and hook up a separate relay system to power them and switch on-you can do it this way. Might be a little excessive though..This also involves removing the bumper and sliding out the headlight too, which is real easy once you do it, now I just put back enough plugs and bolts to hold it in place so I can always remove the bumper easy as i am constantly adding things underneath. Cheerrs

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