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Thread: Wheel weights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayger12 View Post
    ^I would have them rebalance the wheels or otherwise diagnose and correct the shake. No excuse for a brand new vehicle with wheel shake.
    That's exactly what I'm planing to do when I bring the car in for complimentary 1000 mile service. Although I did bring it in 2 days after delivery, I was kind of soft with the response form the service department that everything was normal. I will be relentless on my next visit.
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    I found this on another car I checked mine and there are several on each wheel.

    Tire rack says, "While there is no industry standard, the general consensus of what is too much weight is when it takes more than 1% of the assembly weight to bring it into balance."

    Let's take a test example of one incident I recently encountered when a customer expressed concern that 15 wheel weights were used on his 19" BMW wheel and tire package. Is 15 weights too many? Let's find out.

    Each stick-on weight is a quarter of an ounce
    15 weights on one wheel = 3.75 ounces
    19x8.5 wheel weight = 27.5 pounds
    235/35R19 tire = 24.0 pounds
    Total package weight = 51.5 pounds or 824 ounces
    1% of that = 8.2 ounces

    15 weights (3.75 ounces total) is very reasonable given the total weight of the wheel and tire in this example.

    How many wheel weights are too many? - Make Driving Fun with Performance Tires & Wheels | Tire Rack

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJr View Post
    15 weights (3.75 ounces total) is very reasonable given the total weight of the wheel and tire in this example.
    that's a good point, and the Mazda wheel/tire weighs even more than the BMW wheel in the example. The 19" wheels weigh 50% more than the 17s.

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    Sorry to revive a crazy OLD thread, but I just picked up a 2019 CX-5 and one of the wheels has 20 wheel weights on it. I'm assuming most of you have since replaced tires (and maybe wheels?). I'm just curious what the long term outcome was here.

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    You already posted to the thread you started over in the wheel section.

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