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Thread: What Did You Do for Your CX-5 Today?

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    Picked her up last night! Wife is sooooo happy to have her car back.

    The CX-3 is very nice, I like the styling, it rode and handled well (um duh) and the red leather accents were oh-so-nice, but I felt more cramped in the cockpit than I do in my Miata. Wife agreed and said she felt like the Miata had more overall room in the front seats. One other thing that took me some getting used to was rear visibility. I kept adjusting the rearview mirror hoping to get a better view and realized it was due to the roof angle. lol

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    Left it at the service centre the entire day so they could figure out the source of the accelerator noise but no luck :/ Gonna try again next week.

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    took to dealer for locked up navigation... put newest software version in, works now. also had front rotors turned and new pads for shimmy (29K miles); rear pads still over 50%. Changed out rear hatch shocks under recall too. They washed it for me.

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