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Thread: What Did You Do for Your CX-5 Today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaps View Post
    Turned my in for 2nd Service at 12 K miles.
    Mazda Moly requested.
    Loaner a 16 CX5 Sport (practically new) - guess the left over 16s will be used as loaners and sold later.
    TSB for Chrome vents.
    Tire Rotation as standard.

    IT all came to about 90 bucks - pricey I think, but they gave me a loaner - not sure if they charge for it or not.
    Can you take a pic of the new vents? Do they replace the middle ones, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eregrine View Post
    Can you take a pic of the new vents? Do they replace the middle ones, too?

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    Parts not available - they can order in. 2-3 days. Problem is this place is 25 miles out of the way. No way I am doing it till my next service. The TSB is for two side vents. Not the center ones. Atleast in the details it does not have center.
    I would think they wont stock this part - its not frequently needed.

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    Chrome vents? Did they really put chrome on the damn vents? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTScott View Post
    Clear bra installed. Suntek's newest stuff. I have paint protection on all of my cars and must say, this latest film is the best looking. The entire front was done along with the front section of the roof. Pictures don't show much, but here she is. Derek at Atlanta Protective Films ( did it. I would not ever go anywhere else.

    Is it like a thick clear film? Can it be done at home? I mean I buy the product and install it at my place?

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