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Thread: cx5 first oil change

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    cx5 first oil change

    I took my car to the dealership for the first oil change. They put conventional oil 5w-20. The dealer said that my car can use that oil due the tropical temperatures in Puerto Rico. Should I can go back to synthethic? The manual saids: OW-20 full syntherhic for USA and Canada. Any sugestions?


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    I would go back.
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    I agree. Once you have synthetic oil in an engine, you should stick with synthetic. Also, you might want to request using the 0W-20 as well. The 5W-20 will probably reduce your fuel economy a bit since it will be slightly thicker than the 0W-20.

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    What does your manual recommend for Puerto Rico? I think 5w20 is just fine either with dino or synthetic. USA & Canada request lighter oil due to our fuel mileage requirements. You will never tell the difference between 5w 20 and 0w20 from my experience. Ed

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    Per owners manual:

    Puerto Rico owners should use SAE 5W-30 engine oil.

    Canada and Puerto Rico residents follow Schedule 2 (shorter oil change intervals).

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