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Thread: Maleskimp3 Build Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by MALESKIMP3 View Post
    Whipped this up the other day, billet water pump impeller. Hopefully it works!

    If it does work, it might be worth seeing if there is a market for this part

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    Interior: JVC AVX-77; Autometer gauges; DaveBs; B&M shifter
    Projects to come: Matt V headlights, JDM mirrors, AutoExe grill, Vibrant vac block

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    Its not too bad if u plan out how ur going to do it before you go in and have ur programs prewritten. Making the impeller was easy compared to pulling off the stock one with out damaging the casting. I split one of them in two and had to order another one. I need to be patient so I can collet some data on the stock pump for a comparison but I want to put it on so bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4Bishop View Post
    "I whipped it up" he says...

    When I whip things up I'm lucky to get an unburnt dinner. Not a work of art like that.

    Amazing work.

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    UPDATE!!!! There is way too much here going on not to give us more info Nate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaLMP5 View Post
    UPDATE!!!! There is way too much here going on not to give us more info Nate.
    haha I do have a lot going on but unfortunately haven't finished any of them. Trying to focus on some suspension tidbits, a water pump tester, and new cams and hopefully I should have something more to post in the near future.

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    Good stuff in here. Great build!
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    Is 5 years enough time? What’s new?

    On the jays fuel rail, what an fittings do you use?
    Be happy!

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