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Thread: Driver Door Lock Actuator Motor Fix

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    Driver Door Lock Actuator Motor Fix

    Thought I would share a small triumph in fixing a drivers door lock actuator going bad. It would barely or not move the lock on the door when using the remote or electric door switch. Cheapest module was $168 online.
    I motor is in a sealed plastic unit, and I figured I have nothing to lose opening it. Carefully prying I was able to break the seam along the length of the case. Care must be taken when seperating the halves since there is a small contact that could fall out. What I found was a smoked motor. By chance there are a ton of these "Door Actuator Repair" motors on ebay. The oem motor has a shaft that goes the length of the gear. No such motor found, but there was one with a 20mm shaft that goes 50% of the way and I gambled $6 to try it out. The new motor came, and the contacts and dimensions fit almost perfectly. The only variance was the rear of the motor shaft on the OEM is flush, while the generic was about 1mm. A quick trim with a knife took care of the interference. When putting the case back together, I did not have a plastic welder or glue, so I drilled holes through in two places and used zip ties. After installation, everything worked like new. I plan to buy another motor just in case the passenger door motor fails. For $6 it was a bargain. Here is a picture of the stock oem motor that came out, and the two halves of the box it came from. The link is the ebay motor I used. Its stupid that Mazda has to sell you the entire door latch, and lock box together, since they come apart with only 4 screws.

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    Oh wow, this is great, I had the same problem with the passenger side about a year ago... was very frustrated that the only solution I could come up with was the replacement of the whole system at the dealership for $250 to $300(can't remember the exact $$).

    Will be using this if the other ever goes on me.

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    Gawd, that mechanism looks like a cheap POS.

    Thanks for the post as I'm sure others will need it based on what I see there.

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    Thanks great work! The odd gem of a post like this, is what makes me a regular reader off this Forum.
    It looks like the generic 12V Micro DC Motors that have been in half my toys since the 1960s. Ie slot cars, toy boats etc...

    Thanks again

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    would have a diagram of which position all 4 gears/wipers have to be?i replaced my motor but know i can not lock the car with key and my intrior light dont im thinking gear position is the problem.
    if you like you can email me at

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