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Thread: cx 9 put in manual mode by mistake

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    cx 9 put in manual mode by mistake

    My wife took of and drove amost a mile with the auto stick in first gear without realizing it reaching 40mph. She heard a strange noise and pulled into a driveway backed out and put in in auto mode .was permenant damage done? Should i trade it in now? 2010 cx9 seems ok. What does everyone think? Thanks

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    if it seems to be driving fine now, it is likely fine. might want to change out the fluid ASAP, however.
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    strange noise was probably the rev limiter. Modern engines have the rpm's electronically limited to avoid serious damage. if nothing is falling out of the bottom of the car while you drive, you're good.

    I bounce my 240 off the rev limiter all the time at the track.
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    I drop it into manual to help slow down at lights, etc. Many times I've forgotten and left it in manual mode. RPM limiter caught me once, but usually when I hear it sounding like there's only a couple of feet of stratosphere left, I kick it into automatic. We have to remember that Mazda wouldn't use the Ford transmission, but opted for one that would last (Japanese) I feel confident that a mile of anything wouldn't hurt it. Forget it and enjoy the vehicle.

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    You should totally be fine with that. That's why you have a rev limiter. You should change out your fluids as suggested. But come on how can she not notice the engine revving like that for a whole mile.
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    Should i trade it in now?

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    Hey joe1330cc, the transmissions in our CX 9 is a marvelour device and does hold up under some pretty harsh use. Our 09 has taken us over 75K miles and it has yet to give us any issues. I love using the manual mode when driving either up or down mountain roads/highways. Perhaps that is why we acheived over 70K miles on our original front brakes!

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    My wife did exact same mistake some 6 months ago. We have put another 6k miles since then and the car seems to be fine. I wouldn't worry.

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