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Thread: ABS and parking brake lights on

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    ABS and parking brake lights on


    My 2003 Protege ES 2.0 L has the ABS and parking brake lights on all the time. Had the codes checked and came up with this:

    • C1186: Antilock brake system power relay open circuit
    • C1175: LR WSS input circuit malfunction
    • C1233: LF WSS input missing signal
    • C1236: LR WSS input missing signal

    Any ideas for where i could start to identify the problems? I'm trying to keep my costs down as much as possible.
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    It looks like there is a connector that is disconnected. See if you can find the brake relay and check all connections. Also, see if there are any breaks in the cable. My son's air conditioning harness wiring was getting cut by a rabbit that liked to live under the hood.
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    My 2002 Protege ES also has the ABS and brake lights on. It started intermittently, but now constant. Seems like this is a common problem, as a little google search did find many people reporting this problem.

    The mechanic said will need to change the ABS sensor/module and is looking into the pricing.

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