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Thread: CX-5 Oil Change with Filter

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColoradoDriver View Post
    You must be skinny....I got some ramps for mine. No way I'd fit under it like that.
    I certainly wouldn't call myself skinny but I am in shape, round. lol

    The first time I changed the oil I did it without any lift. I was able to do it but with just a lil more clearance that the blocks, or the 2x6's, give me it's a breeze. Ramps work fine but the 'leggo' blocks serve a dual purpose for me and they're easier to store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedis82ZE8 View Post
    I use these Rhino Ramps rated at 12K lb (~5,443.11 kg). I actually have 4 of them and they easily support my 5,200lb (~2,358.68 kg) GX 460

    The Harbor Freight ramps also work great. Rated at 13K lbs - picked them up for under $30 with a coupon.

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    Got these from Amazon like 6 years ago:

    Made in Canada. Hey I figure if they make good bacon they make good ramps

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    Quote Originally Posted by yrwei52 View Post
    It*s funny you*re looking for a Toyota Scion / Yaris too? Aye you used to have VW*s like me?

    Scion iA in 2016 and Toyota Yaris iA in 2017 ~ 2018 are different from Scion Xb and other Yaris*. For 2019, Toyota Yaris all are Mazda2 from Mexico with different L*LE*XLE trim levels like other Toyota models. The real Toyota made Yaris is gone from US market. iA*s are always the rebadged Mazda2 and many Toyota OEM parts for iA are from Mazda like the oil filter. My new 2018 Yaris iA bought used has only 3,180 miles, but one key fob is missing. A new key fob with push-button start including programming from Toyota dealer would cost me over $500! May be Toyota wants to recoup the cost of buying Mazda computers and equipments for service!

    The key fob looks just like the Mazda key fob only with a Toyota logo:

    Attachment 220454
    Hey, that's a Mazda remote with Scion badge....and our remotes ares made by Mitsubishi (has their name inside).

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