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Thread: Turbo vac lines

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    Turbo vac lines

    I'd like to know where I should hook up the vacuum lines for my boosted protege. I heard the brake booster is a good source but Im not too sure on how to hook it up can someone tell me what size fitting I need and do both the bov and wastegate go to the same source?

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    T off the brake booster line. It's 7/16id
    most standard vacuum lines are 3/16id
    so you would cut your brake booster line stick a brass T fitting with whatever pipe thread you like... most vacuum blocks are threaded for 1/8npt so better to get a T fitting with that thread on one side... the other two sides of the T fitting should be 1/4NPT... put two 1/4NPT to 7/16ID barbs on two sides and a 1/8NPT to 3/16 barb(or whatever size barb you are using to match your vacuum line size). All your vacuum needs should come from the same source but isn't necessary.

    better to do a vacuum block...
    like this one
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