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Thread: New mazda6 rims on a cx7

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    New mazda6 rims on a cx7

    Hi guys,

    I was thinking about putting the new 2012 mazda 6 rims on my cx7 and just keep the stock tires. Will there be are downside to this?

    mazda6 rim 18x8 offset 60

    mazda cx7 18x7.5 offset 50

    what i'm mainly worried about is the offset of the mazda 6 rims.

    any input?


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    10 mm =~ 0.4 inch which is a lot. I wonder if that might cause clearence problems, especially if you increase tire width. .

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    I am a new CX7 owner, mine came with 17 inch rims...I recently purchased a set of mazda 6 rims (same specs as you mentioned, 18x8 offset of 60), they seem to work out fine. Dealer said they would fit no problem, and once the rims were on the vehicle I asked them to double check clearance, and they said all was fine. Have had them on the vehicle for about 3 weeks now and no issues. The only thing I find is that coming from the 17 inch rims and much skinnier tires (215/70R17), I get a bit more road noise and a bit rougher ride. But definietly like the look a lot better!!!!! Some pics can be found here:

    Hope that helps!

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