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Thread: 07 Mazda 3 aux input question

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    07 Mazda 3 aux input question

    Ok, so, I just recently purchased a 2007 Mazda 3, and I am unable to get the media button for the AUX input to work. I've read on multiple sites that the sirius adapter is plugged into this port, but nothing tells me how to reverse that. Is it possible to simply unplug the sirius adapter and use the AUX input again? I don't plan on using sirius, ever, but I'd like to be able to use the AUX port. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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    The HU has a single input on the back for aux, which can be shared with a sirius, or ipod adapter but only one at a time

    if youve plugged a known good mp3 player into the aux in the armrest, pushed the media button, and it says media on the display with no sound. then someone may have put a sirius adapter into the HU aux, the original aux input wire will be hangin behind the hu, ready to plug back in

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    Ok, that helps, but how do I get behind the HU? And what exactly will I be looking for once I do?

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    If when you push the MEDIA button it doesn't change the mode on display then the ACI is not plugged in.

    Remove dash strip
    -pull on it to release the four tension clips (one left of LCD). Gently flex the strip to disengage the hook on the far right (don't pull that part straight out)
    Remove HU
    -remove two phillips screws holding HU
    -Grab HU and pull firmly to release the tension clips holding it in (don't grab the face plate, it might come off)

    Once you have it out make sure you don't let the frame scratch up the dash. Unplug the sirius plug (it's the one on the driver's side). The ACI plug will be somewhere back in there.... it usually got tucked behind a panel or tied off to another harness so it might require a little digging to find. Once you find it plug it in and put everything back in.

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    I had the same problem when I bought my MS3, I ended up buying the ipod-adapter (the one that lets you control from the HU/steering controls) I pulled the HU, unplugged Sirius, plugged in the Ipod-adapter in it's same-spot, had the wire go to the glove box and left it there... works perfect

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