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Thread: how to change coolant temp. sensor in a 2007 mazda 5?

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    how to change coolant temp. sensor in a 2007 mazda 5?

    the check engine light in my 2007 mazda 5 went on, did diagnostics and they said that the coolant temp sensor is faulty, recommended that i replace the sensor.

    my questions- where is the coolant temp. sensor located in a 2007 mazda 5? is a diy replacement easy/worth the savings? the shop gave me an estimate of $142, cost for part is around $30, the labor is $112

    is the diy a simple remove and replace or is it too complicated- wiring involve, too many things to get out of the way just to get to the sensor? hope somebody can help. thanks

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    he Mz5 = Mz3. I bet if you seach the Mz3 forum or just the internet you'll find a detail how-to. Given the nature of the questions you are asking, I don't recommend you doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flcruising View Post
    Besides an 06 Mazda 5, I also have two Mazda 3's, an 04 & 06. Both are 5-door and the 06 is the "S". Do you have a link to an FSM for the 3 at Mediafire or elsewhere?

    Thanks in advance!

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