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Thread: Mazda of the Month - VOTE NOW for September!

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    Arrow Mazda of the Month - VOTE NOW for September!

    Welcome to the Official "Mazda of the Month" Contest!

    * The MOTM is OPEN to ALL Mazdas! *

    Please note the following rules & guidelines.
    Your cooperation and participation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


    1. ANY form of cheating will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the contest.
    2. You must own the Mazda you are entering into the contest.
    3. Any form of photo/image manipulation is not allowed except for adjusting and enhancing image color, contrast, tone and levels etc.
    4. If you wish to enter two or more times in a row, you will need all new photos of your Mazda for each consecutive month entered.
    5. If you become a MOTM winner, you may not enter the same Mazda again until at least 12 Months after the month you had won. However, if you own several Mazdas, you are welcome to enter those as well.
    Note #1: Each Member may NOT enter more than one Mazda per MOTM contest.
    Note #2: Previous MOTM winners who wish to enter again (after 12 months) must enter with all new photos of their winning Mazda.
    6. Once you have entered (posted) your Mazda, you may not withdraw from the contest.
    7. The MOTM contest & rules are subject to change in order to maintain a fair & fun environment for the community.

    Contest Requirements:
    * Each contestant must submit three single high-quality high-resolution images of their Mazda. One image must be of the exterior, another the engine bay and finally an interior shot. Compilation style shots (multiple images within a single image or picture size frame) are NOT ALLOWED!!!
    * Each contestant must follow the format shown below or your entry will not count!!!
    * Any form of photo/image manipulation is not allowed except for adjusting and enhancing image color, contrast, tone and levels etc.

    1. Username
    2. Name
    3. Model name + (Year)
    4. ONLY 3 Images (one exterior + one engine bay + one interior shot) NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE!
    5. "Mod" List *NOTE* It must be posted in default "Verdana" text size 2. No colors and No funky formatting!Please make your list CLEAR & CONCISE!

    WAIT! Before you take & post pics...Is your Mazda?
    * Washed & Waxed?
    * Engine bay clean?
    * Interior clean?

    Now that your ready to take pics...Is your Mazda?
    * In a well lit place?
    * In front of a sweet background?
    * Engine bay well lit?
    * Interior detail visible?

    Finally...Is your Mazda MOTM Entry?
    * CREATIVE?!?! *

    Example (Obviously, this is NOT my ride but for the sake of an interesting example ):

    Mazda 767B (1989)

    Performance Mods:
    Top Secret

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    Top Secret

    Exterior Mods:
    Top Secret

    Interior Mods:
    Top Secret

    Stereo Mods:

    Awards Won:
    Beyond awards...

    Raced at Le Mans...Helped lay the groundwork for the 787B which won Le Mans in 1991.


    Now on to the fun part...PRIZES! Check out what you could WIN!

    • A Mazdas247 T-Shirt and a pair of Mazdas247 Decals!

    • Your Mazda showcased on the Mazdas247 Home Page!

    • 5% off any purchase made that month!

    GOOD LUCK to all who enter!


    All voters must have a postcount minimum of a 100 posts and have been a Member for at least 1 month. The only exception to this rule is for Contestants who are also new members.

    2. There is NO tolerance for PERSONAL CAMPAIGNING threads, posts, private messages (PMs), images or links (including signature and or image links). The creation of such ANYWHERE on or off the Internet including will result in that car's immediate disqualification. *If you are disqualified, your entry & poll listing WILL remain but your votes will be removed. Everyone will see that you broke the MOTM rules.

    3. Creating general "Vote for the MOTM" threads and links are not only allowed, it's encouraged!

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    NOTE: Please keep this thread ON TOPIC. Thank you and once again, good luck!

    DEADLINE to VOTE is October 12th '11!
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    Kyle Dampman
    2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Performance Mods -
    K1 Long Rods (8.8:1)
    Wiseco Pistons (.020 overbore)
    Custom Made 3/4" Thermostat Spacer
    Custom Made Oil Temp Gauge Connector
    Braided Oil Lines
    Cometic Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket
    ARP Head Studs
    ARP Main Studs
    ARP Exhaust Mani Studs
    ACL Engine Bearing Kit
    3 Angle Valve Job (rebuilt head with all OEM Parts)
    SteedSpeed Turbo Mani Ceramic Coated
    ATP Wastegate Actuator
    NGK ZFR7F Spark Plugs
    Custom 3" Short Ram Intake with TurboHoses Filter
    Perrin Fuel Rail
    Updated Welded LSD
    Spec Stage 2+ Clutch
    Fidanza 7lb Aluminum Flywheel
    TurboLife's FMIC
    TurboXS RRFL BOV
    Medieval Front Motor Mount
    Medieval Rear Motor Mount
    Medieval Passenger Motor Mount
    Medieval Transmission Motor Mount
    Medieval Light Weight Powersteering Pulley
    Medieval Light Weight Water Pump Pulley
    PEP's 3" Downpipe Ceramic Coated
    Perrin Catless 3' Exhaust (w/ Vibrant O2 Simulator)

    Suspension Mods -
    GT Spec Frount Strut
    GT Spec Rear Reinforcement Pannel
    GT Spec Rear V Brace
    GT Spec Four Point Lader Bar
    GT Spec Trunk Cage
    Fortune Auto Coilovers
    Custom Front Endlinks
    Custom Rear Endlinks
    AAC Adjustable Rear Link Kit
    AXR Anti Clunk Fix Brackets
    Rotora Slotted Rotors
    EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
    Stock Racing Heart Wheels Painted Gold
    215/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE50A Pole Position Tires
    Alignment Specs - 1.7 Degrees in front and 2.2 Degrees of camber in the rear

    Interior Mods -
    PedoBear Co-Pilot
    DGM Carbon Fiber A Pillars w/ Gauge Pod
    DGM Carbon Fiber E-Brake Surround
    DGM Carbon Fiber Radio Surround
    AutoMeter Boost/Vac Gauge
    AutoMeter Oil Temperature Sensor
    AutoMeter Oil Pressure
    AEM Wideband 02
    Dave B Rings
    2003.5 Gauge Cluster
    GloShift 3 Gauge Din
    Sony Headunit
    Wedge Racing Seat Bracket
    Sparco Fighter Racing Seat
    APC Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

    Exterior Mods -
    ProSport Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
    DGM Carbon Fiber Eyelids
    DGM Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
    DGM Carbon Fiber Grille
    Carbon Fiber Gas Door
    Carbon Fiber Pillar Trim
    HomeGroundFab Carbon Fiber Devision Plate
    XC CF Trunk
    XC Carbon Fiber Hood
    EDM Tail Lights
    HID 6000k Kit
    Matt V Projector Retrofit Headlights
    2003.5 MSP Lip
    JDP Carbon Fiber Spliter
    iSport Carbon Fiber Fenders
    iSport Rear Diffuser
    nk2a Bumper Sag Fix
    Engine Dress Up Washers
    Muteki SR48 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts

    Awards Won -
    1. "Lowest Power Output & Good Sport Award; JSC Speed Dyno Contest June 13th 2009"
    (PS. that was before the build )
    2. "Top 50 award" 3rd annual fall fling car show, September 18, 2011


    not yellow
    2009 Mazdaspeed3 Grand Touring

    H&R coilovers
    painted calipers (black)
    hawk HP plus brake pads
    progress 32mm rear sway bar
    mazdaspeed CF valve caps
    hasegawa lug nuts (black)
    muteki forged lug nuts (orange)
    rolled and trimmed rear fenders
    racing sparco NT-R 18x8/18x9 +42/+45 w/ nitto NT0-5 in 235/40
    private reserve 18x8 +40 w/ hankook ventus V12 evo K110 in 215/40
    mazda RX-8 18x8 +50 custom finished in bronze w/ goodyear eagle GT in 235/40 and 6mm spacers

    clear rear reflectors
    JDM window visors
    tinted fog lights 35%
    autoexe stubby antenna
    plasti-dip front emblem (white)
    personalized plates “CWP MS3”
    whited out rear turn signal bulbs
    “chrome” front turn signal bulbs
    window tint 20% rear, 35% front
    pink barbie hair brush drift charm
    front lip splitters with JDM ziptie whiskers
    deleted rear wiper, door moldings, rear emblems, license plate lights

    304g test pipe
    TWM short shifter
    custom trunk liner
    hydraulic hood props
    cobb turbo inlet pipe
    cobb short ram intake
    aluminum shifter bushings
    SU aluminum oil filler cap
    TWM A6 leopard shifter knob
    custom urban camo shift boot
    CPE 75 duro rear motor mount
    all interior lights swapped for LEDs


    1993 Ford Probe~Mazda~2.0 fsde engine + g series trans + suspension + brakes

    Mazda~2.0 FSDE
    Wiseco 8.7:1
    K1~connecting rods
    Arp main studs
    cometic extra thick head gasket
    oil pump relief valve shimmed 6mm
    oil pan tapped for turbo return line
    Blocked bored to 84mm
    rotating assembly balanced and blueprinted
    Arp head studs
    CorkSport stainless steel valves
    Eibach valve springs
    Mazda~solid lifter conversion
    heavy port and polished head
    adjustable cam gears (both intake+exhaust)
    fsze intake cam
    fsde exhaust cam
    obx turbo manifold
    arp stainless steel exhaust studs
    Precision Turbo~GT30R: .48ar~t+.60ar~c
    Tial 38mm wastegate~15lb spring
    stainless steel dump and wastegate tubes + vband connection to exhaust
    Aluminum intercooler piping + 28x12x3 front mount intercooler
    Synapse Synchronic Blow Off Valve~recirculated
    Gizmo Electric Boost Controller~tuned up to 28psi+scramble boost mode
    Aluminum turbo inlet + wire mesh intake filter
    EGR + IAC removed with metal plates installed now
    cold idle solenoid + wire mesh intake (closes at 99 degrees water temp~good for about 400rpms)
    billet check valve for cold idle solenoid
    Aluminum pulley =water+power steering
    Protege power steering pump conversion
    140amp High output alternator + custom overdrive pulley
    unorthodox racing aluminum under drive pulley plus crank sensor magnets
    custom crank sensor bracket
    twin catch can system vented into the drivers wheel well
    WeaponR~engine torque damper: bolted to lower trans and center cross member
    AWR rear, pass side, and front engine mounts
    rebuilt and braced passenger engine mount to body area (tore the mount from the body, had to get it rebuilt stronger)
    Twin walbro pumps = 190 in tank+255 in line
    Aeromotive rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    RCE 650cc injectors
    shureflo 150 pump into m4 nozzle (water injection)
    NGK spark plugs
    NGK Spark plug wires
    MSD high vibration ignition coil
    MSD high vibration ignition box
    polished caps ~ coolant/washer/brake/power steering
    polished fuse box lid cover
    RonDavis aluminum radiator + 18psi cap / 180o thermostat
    polished aluminum radiator cover plate
    stainless steel radiator lines
    Accusump 1qt + manual valve + in line check valve
    oil cooler + thermostatic bypass + sandwich plate + remote ZR1 oil filter+ filter magnet (half moon style)
    aluminum heat shielding on anything non metal around the turbo/manifold
    mild steel exhaust + resonator + oval straight through glass packed muffler + rusty tip (trying to be somewhat incognito)
    corksport ~ eurathane exhaust hangers
    RR-Racing short shifter + poly linkage bushings
    Spec 4+ clutch (non sprung full faced disc)
    Spec aluminum flywheel
    Quaife Limited Slip Differential
    PAR straight cut 3rd gear
    PAR billet trans case bearing cups
    stainless steel clutch line
    Noe trans fluid
    WS2 (tungsten disulfied) added every oil change

    Tein SS coilovers with front camber plates
    corksport front control arm bushings
    AWR front adjustable sway bar attachments
    King6Fab custom front cradle with integrated control arm support brackets
    Addco rear sway bar
    King6Fab rear sway bar attachments for Megan Racing lateral arms
    Megan racing rear adjustable lateral arms
    Megan racing front strut bar
    GT-Spec aluminum trailing arms
    GT-Spec Aluminum v-brace
    GT-Spec rear sub frame center brace
    Aluminum brake booster vacuum canister + check valve
    k-sport 8-piston front brakes with 13" floating rotors + race pads
    6" front brake ducts
    MazdaSpeed Protege rear brakes + EBC Yellow brake pads
    k-sport hydraulic hand brake
    stainless steel brake lines all four corners
    ARP wheel studs
    redesigned & replaced rear brake hard lines
    welded 1"x2" unibody bracing
    welded 1"x2" rear strut housing brace

    Aerogear ~ Evo front bumper (modified+molded in turn signals)
    Aerogear ~ millenium rear bumper (molded)
    Aerogear ~ shogun side skirts (molded)
    aluminum tail light center filler (molded)
    custom painted tail lights
    CarbonFiber ~ head light covers (1 of 15 made)
    CarbonFiber ~ rear hatch (1 of 15 made)
    CarbonFiber ~ rear spoiler (1 of a kind)
    CarbonFiber ~ front hood ("Chris's Toy"stenciled under side of hood)
    CarbonFiber ~ engine cover
    CarbonFiber ~ front bumper filler
    12v Shark fin antenna
    gas hood props
    raised hood spacers
    stainless hood pins
    BMW windshield sprayer pump
    windshield spray nozzles relocated to wiper arms
    wiper arm pressure spring braces
    clear side markers
    led bulbs ~ corner, side markers, and tail lights
    6" rally driving lights + rock guards + dark tint films
    quad H3 projector HID lights+relays+capacitors
    front diffuser back to wheel wells + 3 frame mounts (also serves as an impact guard for the front bumper-very strong)
    rear diffuser from wheel wells to rear bumper edge + 3 frame mounts &2 bumper mounts
    front 3/4" wheel spacers with the adapter studs
    Kosei K1TS graphite 14lb 17" wheels
    Dunlop ~ StarSpecs & WinterSport 3ds
    Led rear license plate back up light (super brite leds)
    black front emblem change
    limo tinted back + quarter windows
    front removable tow hook bolted to drivers frame rail

    black conversion from blue=carpet+panels+dash+head liner+custom rear compartment
    Ultra suede over thick foam rear compartment ( all the way to the trunk)
    roll bar & strut brace foam padding + black fabric wrap
    AutoPower Race rollbar
    RCI 5-point passenger harness
    TeamTech 8-point (custom) driver~jet pilot harness + integrated lumbar & energy dispensation padding
    matte black dash cover (to kill reflection from the dash)
    Sparco Road Line pedals (positioned for heal toe)
    TenzoR ~ Rally seats
    TenzoR ~ Steering wheel
    Sparco ~ Steering wheel adapter
    PorsheRacing ~ steering quick release
    1" aluminum steering wheel spacers (2= 5" total closer to driver for modified drivers positioning)
    horn relocated to steering column + aftermarket button
    TWM ~ shift nob
    Leather shift lever boot
    Center console delete
    fuel mixture "on the fly" adjustment nob mounted into custom lower center dash panel
    kill switches ~ ecu/fan/water injection/master power
    led indicator lights ~ accuvolt/water injection/ecu fault/knock system
    gauges ~ ammeter/water temp/oil pressure/fuel pressure/wide band o2/fuel level/system voltage/vacuum boost/egts
    Sony xplode head unit
    Focal front speakers
    Infiniti rear speakers
    JBL w3v3 sub+box (under 15lbs & easily removable for track days)
    RockfordFosgate punch amp
    kinetik hc1800 battery
    battery to trunk relocation + zero gauge wire & 300amp fuse
    full vehicle rewire from bumper to bumper
    Jacobs electronics Accuvolt
    aluminum+carbonfiber shield for Accuvolt
    J&S safeguard + launch control/flat foot shifting/knock&a/f gauge
    Cooling mist vericool water injection controller
    SDS EM4E fuel and ignition system
    Trackmate GPS dataloger system
    ChaseCam video system
    i-shift programmable led shift lights
    fire extinguisher + roll bar quick release mounts
    Midland (car to pit) 2 way radio system
    2 additional 12v outlets

    Simply that I still have her. Been in a wheelchair for a year now, and others have had to drive my car for me. She's still mine though, and I keep her in good shape. A dyno vid to show she is real. dyno
    And a friend of mine on a track last summer.lapping day
    *I'm the only one I know of who has shattered a Pauter rod. lol


    2007 Mazdaspeed 3 Grand Touring

    CP-E Cold Air Intake (Painted Black)
    CP-E Top Mount Intercooler
    Turbosmart Dual Port Blow-Off Valve (SU Black/Red Edition)
    Corksport Power Series 80mm Catback Exhaust
    COBB Accessport
    Corksport Rear Engine Mount Inserts
    Mobil 1 0W-30

    TWM Performance Short Shifter
    TWM Performance Shifter Bushings
    COBB Shifter Weight
    Redline MT-90

    Wheels / Tires / Suspension
    (Winter) Stock Mazdaspeed 3 18 X 7 .5 Rims wrapped in 215/45 R18 GoodYear Eagle GT All Season Tires
    (Summer) Mazda RX-8 18 X 8 Rims Powder Coated Bronze wrapped in 235/40 R18 Hankook V12 Summer Tires
    Mazda Center Caps Painted Black (For RX-8 Wheels)
    Black Muteki Lugs (For RX-8 Wheels)
    KW Variant 1 Coilovers
    Hotchkis Rear Sway Bar
    Brake Calipers Painted Red

    OEM Mazda Navigation System
    Single Gauge Ventpod
    Aero Force Scan Gauge
    TWM Performance Matte Black Type R Shift Knob with Etched 6 Gear Pattern that is Painted Red
    TWM Performance Shift Boot

    RHO Front Tow Plate Holder
    Windows Tinted to 20%
    Debadged "Mazdaspeed 3" From Rear Hatch
    Rear Fenders Rolled


    Phil B.
    2006 White Water Pearl Mazdaspeed6 GT

    Option Racing Short Ram Intake
    Protege Garage Turbo Inlet Pipe
    CP-E Single Exit Cat-back Exhaust

    Auto Exe front grill
    Prolight CF Mirrors
    Xentec HID Headlight Bulbs
    Xentec HID Foglight Conversion Kit

    Rays Gram Lights 57 Pro
    BC Racing BR Coilovers

    2nd Place Import Stock (Joint Base Andrews Car Show 2010)
    1st Place Import Modified (Joint Base Andrews Car Show 2011)


    2003 Protege LX

    Suspension Mods:

    -"Custom" Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers 6k/8k front/rear
    -Racingbeat rear sway bar
    -Rear strut brace
    -Full set of AAC End Links
    -5-lug, 4 corner disc brake swap
    -AAC Adjustable rear link kit
    -US Brake DOT4 600+ fluid

    Wheels, Tires and Brakes:
    -MB Weapons
    -17x9 +27
    -~1.5 degrees of camber
    -rolled fenders
    -minimal rubbing, except when turning
    -17x9 +27
    -~2.5 degrees of camber
    -rolled and pulled fenders
    -rubs a lot
    - 205/40 R17 Front/ 215/40 Rear
    -Muteki lug nuts
    -R1 Concepts slotted rotors
    -Hawk pads
    -Corksport SS lines

    -Protege sedan front lip
    -Custom full splitter
    -Rain visors
    -Bumper latches
    -Cut out front grill
    -6k HID Headlights
    -All red tails
    -Completely debadged
    -Hella Horns
    -Camo vinyl fender
    -GT-300 Fiberglass Rear Diffuser
    -Sheet Aluminium Rear Spoiler

    -Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
    -AC delete
    -2 1/4" Cat-back exhaust with bozo style tip

    -MSP STS
    -CorkSport shifter bushings
    -Megan STS
    -Custom shift extension
    -NissanParts shift knob
    -Speedway Motors 13" Karting Wheel
    -5 panal mirror
    -NRG bucket seats
    -Harness bar
    -Orange RJS Racing 5-point harness

    MazdaFitment: "Mini Mazda Invasion!"
    NW-Built: "Mini Mazda Invasion!"
    NW-Built: "Adam's Protege Update" -
    NW-Built: "Random Roller: Adam's Protege" -
    Rustyairland: "one of my fav Protegé out there!" -
    Almost Evil: ”He’s special” - http://almost/
    NW-Built: "Ever See a Protege Like This?!" -


    MSP SuperStreet
    Karl and Logan
    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Engine Performance Mods:
    - Engine Swap 2.0L Forged Short Block
    - Precision 5557E Turbo with Ball Bearing and PTE Billet Wheel
    - Microtech LT10s Engine Management System
    - SteedSpeed CNC Turbo Exhaust Manifold
    - TurboLife Hi-Volume Performance Front Mount Intercooler
    - Performance 440 Fuel Injectors
    - Mazdaspeed Crankshaft
    - Pauter Forged Connecting Rods
    - Clevite 77 Connecting Rod Bearings Set
    - CP Pistons 8.5:1 CR/0.20 Bore
    - TiAl MV-S External Wastegate with Dump Tube
    - Clevite 77 Main Bearing Set
    - Clevite 77 Thrust Washer Set
    - ARP Head Stud Kit
    - ZEX Wet Nitrous System with 55hp Shot Nozzle
    - ZEX 10 lb. Bottle with Warmer
    - ZEX Tuner Kit & Remote Nitrous Remote Bottle Opener
    - ZEX Hyperformance Nitrous Spark Plugs
    - ZEX Dual Nitrous Purge System
    - Nitrous Express N-ter Cooler Sprayer System, 10 lb Bottle
    - Nitrous Express Nitrous Bottle Opener
    - Custom Billet Nitrous Bottle Brackets
    - HKS Super Sequential Blow-off Valve
    - Hallman Pro RX Boost Controller
    - Pivot Turbo Timer with Red LED Display
    - SC-Custom 3” Polished Aluminum Turbo Hard Piping
    - SC –Custom 3” Performance Downpipe
    - Injen RD Series Cold-Air-Intake (CAI) Polished Aluminum
    - ASP Custom 3” Stainless Steel Exhaust w/Carbon Fiber Muffler
    - High Output 140 AMP Alternator
    - Medieval High Performance Light Weight Crank Pulley
    - Medieval High Performance Light Weight Power Steering Pulley
    - Medieval High Performance Light Weight Water Pump Pulley
    - Medieval High Performance Light Weight Alternator Pulley
    - Mistimoto High Performance Slim Fan
    - OBX Billet Vacuum Manifold Block
    - Racing Radiator Overflow Tank

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    - DG Motorsports Custom Airbrushed Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
    - Aluminum Air Diversion Plate
    - Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
    - Custom Chrome Strut Bar
    - Hayame Billet & Carbon Fiber Brake Fluid Cap Cover
    - Hayame Billet & Carbon Fiber Power Steering Fluid Cap Cover
    - Mazdaspeed Billet Oil Cap
    - Billet High Pressure Radiator Cap 1.3kg/cm2

    Brake/Suspension Mods:
    - Magnum Crossed Drilled Rotors with CadPlating, PBR Pads
    - K-Sport Performance 36 Way Fully Adjustable Coilovers

    Exterior Mods:
    - Tinted Windows, 26%
    - Custom Painted Carbon Fiber Evo Hood
    - Hayame “gun metal” hood pins
    - Blue 8500K Xenon HID Bulbs
    - Tinted Altezza Tail Lights
    - Tinted Headlights
    - Hella Angel Eyes Fog Lights
    - Carbon Fiber Grill
    - Carbon Fiber Gas Door
    - Carbon Fiber Fog Light Deletes
    - Carbon Fiber Rear Latch Cover
    - Carbon Fiber Side Splitters
    - Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Side Pillar Covers
    - Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames
    - Mazdaspeed Front Grill Badge
    - Custom Aluminum “MSP SuperStreet”Emblem

    Interior Mods:
    - Tri-pod A-pillar
    - Autometer Carbon Fiber Boost Gauge
    - Autometer Carbon Fiber Pyro Gauge
    - Autometer Carbon Fiber Air/Fuel Gauge
    - Autometer Carbon Fiber Oil Pressure Gauge
    - Autometer Carbon Fiber Volt Gauge
    - Custom Carbon Fiber Dual Frog Eye Gauge Pod
    - Custom Dual Gauge Surround
    - Two Autometer Carbon Fiber Electronic Nitrous Pressure Gauges
    - Carbon Fiber Radio Surround Bezel
    - Carbon Fiber Gauge Bezel
    - Carbon Fiber Shift Plate
    - Brushed Aluminum Accent Gage Rings
    - Custom Carbon Fiber Nitrous Control Panel with Ignited
    Toggle Switches and Purge Buttons
    - Center Console with Audison Bass Adjustment Control
    - Polished Aluminum Diamond Plate Floor Mats
    - Carbon Fiber Shift Boot with Accent Yellow Stitching
    - Carbon Fiber Center Arm Rest
    - Carbon Fiber Glove Box Cover
    - Carbon Fiber E-brake Cover
    - Carbon Fiber Aluminum Dead Pedal
    - Custom Yellow Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Headliner
    - Custom Yellow Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Wrapped Pillars

    Car Entertainment, Security & Electronic Mods:
    7 Monitors/TVs, PS2, Video-IPOD, Satellite-FM-AM Radio, DVD&CD
    - Alpine IVA-D310 Multi-Media Mobile Audio System
    7” Touch Screen LCD/TV DVD/CD/IPod 30G, Sirius Satellite Radio.
    - Alpine KCA-420 Multimedia IPOD System with IPOD 30G Video
    - 2 Alpine 10” Monitors Mounted in Custom Fiberglass Trunk
    Lid Enclosure with 2 Mounted Hertz ECK130.3 5.25 Coax Speakers
    - Audio Control DQX Processor (EQ/Crossover) Chrome Yellow
    - Audison LRX5.1K 5 Channel Amplifier
    - 2 Hertz HX 10” Subwoofers
    - Custom Fabricated Fiberglass Dual Subwoofer Trunk Enclosure
    - 2 LCD 7” Driver and Passenger Visor Monitors
    - 2 AcceleVision LCD 7” Swivel LCD Headrest Monitors
    - Sony Playstation 2 with Logitech Wireless Controllers
    - Custom Fabricated fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Rear Deck
    Enclosure for Playstation and pair of Hertz 130.3 Coax Speakers
    - Hertz ESK163.3 3way component System
    - Custom Fabricated Carbon Fiber Pillar Tweeter Speaker Pods
    - Custom Fabricated Carbon Fiber Door Panel Speaker Pods
    - Custom Carbon Fiber/Kevlar behind Rear Seat Audio/Video
    Component Enclosure.
    - Full Roadkill Sound Damping Material
    - Viper 5000 Car Security System, back-up Battery & Full Compliment
    of Sensors
    - Escort Passport SR7 Remote Radar Detector
    - Escort ZR3 Laser Shifter Defense System
    - 2 Stinger Compact Dry Cell Batteries
    - Custom Fusing Display Under Hood
    - Custom Built RCA and Video Signal Cables
    - Complete Stinger Power Wiring

    Car Show Awards

    Extreme Auto Fest Bandimere Speedway
    1st Place Best Mazda
    Street Customs of the Rockies Car Show
    2nd Place Best Mazda
    Street Tuner Mayhem Bandimere Speedway
    2nd Place Best Mazda

    Annual Spring Dust Off Car Show
    2nd Place Sickest Mazda

    ZOOM ZOOM BOOM – Engine Rebuilt: June 2007 – September 2008

    Colorado Mazda Club Birthday Bash
    1st Place Heavily Modified Mazda
    1st Place Best In Car Entertainment

    Brighton Colorado Car Show
    1st Place Best Import
    Take Back Summer Car Show
    1st Place Best Asian Import
    Street Tuner Mayhem Bandimere Speedway
    1st Place Best Mazda
    Car Toys Traffic Jam Car Show Denver
    2nd Place 4 Door Wild Import
    5150 Rize and Shine Car Show Denver
    1st Place Asian Import
    Rocky Mountain Hot August Nights
    2nd Place Import/Sport Compact
    World Tuner Challenge Bandimere Speedway
    1st Place Best Mazda
    Import - Best Of Show

    Street Tuner Mayhem Bandimere Speedway
    1st Place Best Mazda
    Import Face Off
    1st Place Best Mazda

    Turbo Upgrade: July – September 2010

    Street Tuner Mayhem Bandimere Speedway
    Top 5 – Elite Show Car
    5150 Rize and Shine Car Show Denver
    1st Place Asian Import
    5280 AutoFest Car Show
    Best Mazda

    Featured Ride December 2008
    Colorado Mazda Club Form
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    El Tres Rotor Antoine's Avatar

    Eunos Cosmo 20B

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    Sep 2001
    Kobe, Japan
    Blog Entries
    Brian Mundy
    2002 Protege 5

    Texas Mile Top Speed Mazda Protege, Gear Ratios for 300Km per hour at 7000 RPM
    A Full out assault on Top Speed and Acceleration. A Grown-Up Kids Go-KART for the street.

    INSTALLED (Short List of Highlights)
    - Fully Forged Engine
    - Transmission with PAR Straight Cut Gears Set Specified Ratios (2.500, 1.550, 1.100, 0.770, 0.650 Final 4.105)
    - Haltech Standalone ECU on Custom Trigger (36-1+1) Sequential Injection
    - Direct Fire AEM CDI Coil On Plug conversion Multi Strike
    - Quaife ATB LSD
    - SPEC Stage 3++ R Pressure Plate and Clutch Disk (425 Ft/Lb Clamp)
    - SPEC 6.8 Lb Aluminum Flywheel.
    - K-Sport 14" 8 Piston Brake System
    - K-Sport Hydraulic Hand brake
    - K-Sport RR Aluminum Coil Over suspension
    - IQ3 Digital Display Solution
    - WORK Emotion Kai 7076 Forged Aluminum Rims, 18" Only 16Lbs
    - Full OEM JDM Mazda SPORT 20 Conversion (Front, Rear, Lights, Badges)
    - Full Weight Reduction (2240 Lbs Dry... What do you think that feels like at 25 PSI?)


    Hung Tran
    Protege 5 Turbo'd

    Engine Mods: (2.0L Msp Motor Swap 87k)
    -12” Slim Fans (2)
    -440cc WRX Fuel Injectors
    -505 Intake Manifold
    -Aeromotive FPR
    -ARP Exhaust Studs
    -ATX to MTX Engine Harness Swap
    -ATP Wastegate
    -ATP Turbo Coolant Stainless Steel Lines w/ 10-An Fittings
    -AWR Front Motor Mount inserts
    -AWR Passenger Side Motor Mount inserts
    -AWR Rear Motor Mount inserts
    -Forge BOV
    -Garret GT2860RS-Disco Potatoe
    -Injen CAI
    -MAM Straight Water Neck
    -MAM Turbo Manifold
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Oil Cooler
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Bypass Valve
    -Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
    -NGK Spark Plugs Wires
    -Optima Redtop 35 Battery
    -Outlawed Engineering Intake Spacers
    -Perrin Fuel Rail
    -Pope’s 3” Down Pipe
    -Stainless Steel Oil Line
    -Turbo Life FMIC
    -Vibrant Silver Vacuum Block

    Fuel Management Mods:
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé ECU
    -Split Second Fuel Time Controller

    Transmission/Drive train/Shifter Mods: (ATX to MTX Swap)
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé LSD transmission Swap
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Flywheel
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Axles
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Manual Shift Linkage Swap
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Light Weight Flywheel
    -TWM Short Shifter
    -TWM Shift Link Bushings

    Exhaust Mods:
    -3" Pope Down Pipe
    -Calleyway J Pipe
    -Calleyway S Pipe
    -Corksport Hangers
    -Thermal R&D 3” Exhaust Cat-Back

    Brake Mods:
    -ABS Added System, MSP Front And Rear Knuckle and sensor added
    -Drilled/Slotted Rotors Front
    -Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors
    -Front M6 06-07 big brakes
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Rear Brake
    -SS Brake Lines

    Suspension/Handling Mods:
    -AAC Rear Link Kit
    -AIX Clunk Fix Kit
    -AWR Rear MSP Endlinks
    -BC Racing Coilovers (BR Series)
    -BC Extended Dampening Cables
    -Eibach SPC Camber Bolts
    -Ebay Rear Sway Bar for MX-6
    -KMR Front Tie Bar
    -KMR 4 Point Ladder Brace
    -KMR Rear V Brace
    -Racing Beat 20mm Rear Sway
    -Racing Beat Front 24mm sway

    Tires/Rim Mods:
    -Blox Extended Lugs
    -Blox Extended Studs
    -BBS RS 17x9 -13 (Front)
    -BBS RS 17x11 +12 (rear)
    -Falken 502 205/40/17 (2 Inch Stretch)
    -H&R 25mm Spacers Rear
    -Hub Centric Rings
    -Nankang NS-1 195/40/17
    -Rs5 Tenzo 17x7 +42
    -Tuner Lungs
    -XXR 962 17x9 +35 front
    -XXR 962 17x9 +10 Rear

    -5% Tint Windows
    -AAC Front Bumper Bracket Gap Fix Kit
    -Alocade Eyelids
    -Custom Retro Fitted Headlights Projectors
    -DGM Urethane Front Lip
    -ForceFed Single Gauge Steering Column Pod
    -Fatlace License Plate Frame
    -iSport Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Extension Lip
    -Latitude Rain-X Wipers
    -LED License Plate Light Bulbs
    -Mazda6 Rear Wiper Swap
    -Shorty Atenna
    -Tenon HID Headlight Kit 6K
    -Tenon HID Fog Light Kit 3k

    -Air Diversion Plate
    -DGM Engine Cover
    -DGM Carbon Fiber Oil Cap Cover
    -DGM Carbon Fiber Air Ram Hood
    -DGM Valve Cover Brackets
    -Engine Semi Wire Tuck
    -Engine Dress-up Bolt Kit By HKP05
    -ForceFed Wrinkled Black Valve Cover
    -Stock Red Strut Bar

    -Autometer Oil Pressure Guage
    -Autometer Boost Guage
    -Autometer Wideband
    -Carbon Fiber Shift Boot
    -Dave-B Cluster Rings
    -Dual Pod Gauge Cluster
    -HKS Turbo Timer
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Shift Knob
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Gauge Cluster
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Pedals (Clutch, Brakes, and Gas)
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Floor Mats
    -Mazdaspeed Protégé Seats Front/Rear
    -Nardi Miata 99-05 Steering Wheel
    -Protege5 EL Door Sills
    -Protege5 Cargo Net
    -Sparco Pedal Covers

    -Inifnity Basslink Sub/Amp
    -Infinity Kappa 6x9 Component Speakers
    -Infinity Kappa 6.5 Component Speakers
    -Rockford Fosgate P400-4
    -Rockford Speaker Cables (sub only)
    -Rockford Subwoofer Interconnect RCA

    -Clarion 2-Way Alarm
    -Royal Purple
    -MOCC Forum Decal
    -Redline MT-90 Manual Transmission Fluid
    -Team Pro5 Decal
    -Wix Oil Filter

    #18 Slammed Member
    First Hella-Flushed Protégé/Protege5
    Pleasanton Auto Show 2nd Place Best Team. (MOCC)
    Team Pro5
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    El Tres Rotor Antoine's Avatar

    Eunos Cosmo 20B

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    Kobe, Japan
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    It's going to be one hell of a battle, can't wait...Good Luck to ALL ENTRIES!

    Quote Originally Posted by cityracer View Post
    I haven't fared well here before when I tried. I'm giving it my best shot this month. Good luck to all who entered. There's a little bit of every ones style represented in the spread I think. Happy to have such cool competition.
    The above was posted and removed because I hadn't finished setting up this thread yet, so I've quoted it above...Cool post and well said, Cityracer!
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    Function> Form Lawrence C's Avatar

    01' NB8C

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    Oct 2008
    San Mateo,California
    Go Z!
    01' Roadster

    MOTM April 2011

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    Potential Scammer!

    99 protege

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    May 2009
    san antonio 210!!!!!!!
    god this is hard i need more time lol

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    Registered Member funkalicious21's Avatar

    Mazda Protege 5 Turbo

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    Aug 2008
    San Jose, CA
    I already put in my vote... wow.. hard decision.

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    Protege Stance OG Protege03ak46's Avatar
    Donated: $1

    aggressive auto culture

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    Sep 2008
    The Emerald City
    Can a mod please make this my interior shot?

    IMG_6858 by Protege03ak46, on Flickr
    Build Thread!!!
    - Straights are for fast cars. Corners are for fast driver's-
    PM me for any installation questions, concerns, purchasing questions or anything else regarding aggressive auto culture!

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    Registered Member RichB's Avatar

    2007 Cosmic Blue Mazdaspeed 3 GT

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    Feb 2008
    Denver, CO
    Good luck everyone!
    2007 Cosmic Blue Mazdaspeed 3 GT

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    N00b Goliat6288's Avatar

    1998 Mazda Millenia L

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    Jun 2010
    Queens, NY
    tough month. good luck to everyone.
    98 Milly
    Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

    "What you put up with, you end up with, you can only expect what you accept from someone."

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    Registered Member SCMP3's Avatar

    1993 miata

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    Dec 2007
    matthews nc
    Damn this is hard.......
    2006 velocity red mica mazdaspeed6: down for motor build for big boost
    2003.5 titanium gray mazdaspeed 3 #1250: getting a motor
    1999 white miata: daily duty
    2010 cwp Mazda 3 hatch: daily duty/wifes car
    1992 rx7 vert: awaiting a lsx
    1977 trans am: wife's first car restoration soon(we hope)
    1993 Mazda miata: sold
    2003.5 titanium gray mazdaspeed protege #1490: parted rip...

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    Donated: $20

    2002 Honda S2000

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    san francisco, ca
    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrence C View Post
    Go Z!
    haha... i appreciate the encouragement but i'm out of my league here! voted for outlaw.

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    SMDH @ dumb people

    07' SPEED 3

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    Oct 2008
    Tampa, FL
    Had to go with my homie Phil. Love the wwp speed6
    .........WFC #1813 | slammed member #40.........

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    Registered Member

    2000 mazda protege dx

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    Nov 2010
    Brian be taking this one!!!!

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