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Thread: Driver's door lock actuator? problem.

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    Driver's door lock actuator? problem.

    My driver's door will neither lock nor unlock with key remote buttons or the power/electronic lock switch (on the inside of the door). I can unlock or lock the driver's door with the key (old school, shiny silver part that slides into the lock cylinder) or manual/mechanical lock tab (on the inside of the door). After manually locking/unlocking the driver's door the remote and electronic switch will work for the other doors. This problem is similar to the more common problem with the actuator switch for the rear slider doors (one of which I also need to fix).

    Does this indeed sound like I need to replace the front left door lock actuator?
    What is the part number for this? I can not find it at (Montgomery Mazda).


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    I had the same problem with the passenger door a few months ago... I'll have to double check but it did require the replacement of what was probably the actuator. You'll probably need to visit a dealer to get the part. When I took mine in, the part was hard for them to find (on back order) and it took a month to come in!

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    Thanks Wishmaster.

    In case anyone else has this problem.... While the rear slider door lock actuators can be ordered as a separate part, the actuators on the front doors are part of the lock assembly. The front left door lock has an MSRP of $196.34.

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    I'd take the door panel off and check it out. Could be as simple as a loose or corroded connection, but either way, I wouldn't purchase a part before investigating the cause first. If you have a DMM, just check the continuity of the driver's side actuator against the passenger side to see if the actuator itself is bad.

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    It was indeed the actuator, which is part of the lock assembly on the driver's door. This weekend I replaced both the driver's door lock and the passenger side rear slider lock actuator. It was nice to have the power locks functional again. Unfortunately it didn't last long. This morning the driver side rear slider lock actuator started giving me trouble!! Go figure.... Oh well, at least the locks are the only problems I've had on my 06 (other than the recall).

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    My 2002 P5 has the same problem. The key fob works to unlock everything but the drivers door, and that works intermittently.
    2003 Mazda Miata Shinsen Version
    1964 MGB

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    mazda2006 GT.

    Today: The driver side sliding door opened without any problem.
    When I closed it, actuator closed and then opened.
    - I did it serveral times.. Close the sliding door, the actuator (you can hear the motor) pulls it in
    and then opens it. So I had door that's 'loose'... lol.

    So We went to the day's important errand with packing tape around the door.

    When I got home, I noticed it is behaving like 'someone is opening the door' while I'm closing it.
    --- So I pushed the 'inside door handle' and operated the remote to 'open or close' the door.
    I heard a click and the door worked again.

    Suspect: I think the doorlock actuator detected an 'open the door' signal when I closed it
    Almost like a stucked mechanism inside.

    Anyway, just sharing.. At this age of the MAZDA5, the door actuators are expected to fail..
    and mine got fixed temporarily (I'm sure it will fail soon for good) by the above steps.


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    I believe I'm having this issue with the passenger side door of my '08 Mazda5. If anyone has the part number, make, or anything that can identify which one this vehicle takes, please post it. I searched for "door lock actuators" and found plenty, but none that said they matched the 5.

    I did find the thread on replacing the motor inside, but not sure if I'll try to make this fix. I'd like to know exactly what I'm looking at price wise before this becomes my option.

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