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Thread: P2177 - System too lean off idle

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    The connection between the Intake and the TIP was not flush with the stop, but still on securely. I pulled it apart and re-tru'ed it against the stop and tightened it down. It's been three days since the reset and CEL is still off.

    Here is to hoping.
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    Asking a quick question regarding your post.

    Quote Originally Posted by ms6DiGi View Post
    I just had that code for a while, it was because my LTFTs were 20.3% at one point. Which I believe automatically triggers this code. Car still drove perfectly but since the computer had to compensate >20% it popped up. Do you have a Dashhawk to check?
    Once I fixed the problem it instantly went away.
    Hi, I wanted to know what you changed because my LTFT is at 20.3% as well? I cant seem to get rid off P2177 and my freeze frame showed LTFTs 20.3%. Can you please help.


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