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Thread: Manual Transmission dipstick location.

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    Manual Transmission dipstick location.

    I was wondering if anyone know the location of the dipstick on the 6 spd manual. I have looked under the hood and consulted the owners manual, but cannot find the dipstick. I had mentioned in a previous post that there is a vibration in the gas pedal in 4th while accelerating 2200 up to about 2700 like a harmonic and there was a recomendation tho check the fluid. I have noticed it does not do it all the time and it does happen in the higher gears. My suspicion is a phase harmonic between the engine, tranny and tires at certain rpm and road speed. I would think if there was a fluid problem it would be VERY noticeable.


    Just realized this is in the wrong forum. Is it possible to move to the drivetrain forum?
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    This may not help you, but...

    My 2012 Mazda5 GT has an automatic, but the location of the trans and perhaps the dipstick might be similar to the manual. My trans dipstick is neon orange and is located as follows, when facing the engine from the front:

    ...About four inches to the right of the right-most edge of the large black plastic engine cover.

    ...About halfway between the back edge of the large black plastic engine cover and the rear firewall.

    ...It's located moderately low, but the orange handle is easily seen when looking in the right area (only slight leaning forward is necessary).

    Hope this helps.
    Regards from Sunny San Diego................Tom

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    No dipstick on the M/T - just a fill plug on the side of the tranny.
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    will have to remove the fill plug, and using a finger, (pinkie works best) if you can feel gear oil with only the 1st digit of the pinkin in the fill hole, you're good to go

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    Have you seen transmission fluid on your garage floor or in your driveway? I've never heard of leaks from a manual transmission.

    As mentioned above, there is no dipstick with a manual transmission. There will be two bolts on your transmission, on my Honda Accord they were behind the pasenger side tire. Remove the top bolt and as mentioned above, stick your finger in. If you feel liquid your level is OK.

    When it comes time to change your transmission fluid... remove the top bolt, put it back. Remove the bottom bolt, put a pan underneath to catch the liquid. Remove the top bolt (now loosened). When everything has drained out, replace the bottom bolt and put in the transmission fluid in the top bolt until it can't take anymore (it'll start leaking out). Replace the top bolt. The owner's manual will say what the capacity is, I'd buy the fluid from your local Mazda dealer. On my Honda Accord it was 3.1 quarts (yes, I had to buy 4 quarts).

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    Yeah, manual transmissions and MTF don't generally require servicing often. They don't "burn through" oil, hence it's fairly common for them to only have drain and fill plugs, no dipstick. There's not even a recommended MTF change interval based on time or miles in the Mazda service schedule or shop manual, at least not for the Mazda3. Most people I've read on forums changing it do so out of an abudance of caution, or a desire to replace the OEM oil with their preferred brand and type (Redline brand synthetic MTF is one popular replacement).

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    I prefer Red Line MT-90. I'm probably going to do the change soon.
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    You can check your clutch fluid level though by locating the reservoir under the hood. It takes brake fluid if you need to top it off. I would buy the Mazda stuff unless you bleed it all out and start over. Then I would use a higher-quality synthetic.

    One thing you need to watch for; the fill plug on your MTX will not reflect the correct level unless the entire car is level. That isn't easy to do in most cases. I would ask a Jiffy Lube type place to check it for you so that it is perfectly level, unless of course you have a lift at your house. Ask them to report if it drains out at all when the fill plug is removed. You want a little bit to barely be running out; enough to drip slowly if allowed to run down the tranny.
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