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Thread: My experience with NextMod and their parts for the MS3

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    The weatherstripping is used on the rough edges of the fiberglass to "hide" them...pretty common practice in the "knockoff" fiberglass kit world.
    While I am not saying that you should accept their poor would probably help your case especially having a black will blend together well in my opinion.

    ask me how many hours of work i put into "finishing" my nextmod badgless grill
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    This is where the lip sits as of today, untouched and still looking like shit. Its on my list of "things to put on the car" but its pretty much at the bottom. Im not looking forward to the amount of work that needed to getting this up to spec.......

    Thinking about buying a front lip or spoiler lip from NextMod - READ THIS FIRST!!

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    Damn sorry to hear about that.
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    Wow, that's crazy!! I was actually looking at their site the other day because I wanted some, but with this, no thanks.. Thanks for the warning!!
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    You the guy with the sick ass sedan? I recently acknowledged your fuckin awesomness lol. Sick car bro.

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    Glad I could help.....
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    ordered a lip and eyelids from them. after a MONTH of waiting it came... hated the lip fitment as well. many little painting flaws. so i kept the eyelids and returned the lip for $300.00 refund. if your the slightest bit 'anal' about how your car looks DO NOT BUY FROM NEXTMOD. but if you can do with small flaws and chips, they look good from afar. lol if only this company cared a little more they would have some great products... +1 on this thread. too bad i came across it too late

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