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Thread: The MOST amazing thing ever!! post your experience too.!

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    The MOST amazing thing ever!! post your experience too.!

    Alright so I just wanted to share with all other members on the board, I HAVE NOT experienced this EVER being in the import community since 1992 until yesterday. I have to say Member : Driver311 is simply the most amazing member I have come across!! bar none!! So the story goes like this....he buys a product from me and we come to an agreement on the price of the item shipped! well I go to send the items and it ended up costing alot more then anticipated and I really regretted selling the item, needless to say can you believe what happens next???????????? DRIVER311 sends me a PM and says I'm going to send you X$$ more to help cover some more of the shipping just to be a good sport!!! I WAS FLOORED!! I simply CANNOT believe that there are still honest and fair members like him...and I just wanted to share this with everyone...AND NO this does not mean you can ask him for more MULA next time he buys something from you!! ONLY thing I can say is THANKS DRIVER311 for being an amazing and fair individual!!

    NOW if you have a amazing story like this with another member PLEASE share.
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    He saved some bucks on that item. He's a good member.

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    Thanks guys just did what I thought was fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driver311 View Post
    Thanks guys just did what I thought was fair.
    Well done!

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    I'm PM'd lara about independant fogs and she helped me get the right wire spliced

    If I have to diffuse a bomb in the future, I will PM her again

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    Thats awesome man, you don't find to many people willing to do that these days. Cheers to driver311 for keeping it real and honest!!

    Luv to drive move your slow @zz out of the way!

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