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Thread: 2008 Mazda5 starting issues

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    2008 Mazda5 starting issues

    Tried to start the car this morning, and it would not start. I would try and turn over, but just wouldn't. I turned on the lights and they were as bright as ever. I gave it a little gas, when starting but still would not turn over. I hooked up the CarMD (not sure if it is any good) and no error codes. I then floored the accel and kept the key turned and it finally started with a puff of smoke out of the back. All has been working fine since, but was concerned about the smoke and the car not starting. It has 30,000 miles on the car and this is the 2nd time this has happened. 1st time at about 10,000 miles.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Sounds like it was flooded. Our van would do the same occasionally if it didn't start right away and you let off the key---when you tried to start it again it would be flooded and need to floor it to clear things out.

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    i'm surprised flooding still occur even with drive by wire accelerator system.

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    Would not even turn over? Then flooring the accelerator makes it crank?

    Maybe your gear shifter needs adjusting. If your car is not in PARK or NEUTRAL, it will refuse to crank. Take it to the dealer with 30k. You're still covered.

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    This has happen on my 06 GT recently, but only when my wife is driving. The car would not turn over, not even a click from the starter solenoid. We thought at first it was the factory alarm disabling the starter and that she some how trigger it by mistake because she was able to get the car started by opening and closing the doors then lock and unlocking it. The last time that happened, she was stuck at a parking lot. She had tried the usual tricks but the car would not turn over.

    Luckily the car was not far from home so I was able to bike over and see the problem first hand. After ruling out the key, alarm system and battery, I move the shifter from park to drive and back, the car started right after that. I think my wife was not moving the shifter fully into park. Now she make sure it is properly engaged and it has not happen since. This doesn't happen to me because I also drive a stick shift and out of habit, the first thing I do when I get into the car is to wiggle the shifter.

    If this happens to you again, try just wiggling the shifter to make sure it is in park and see if this will solve your problem.

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