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Thread: Main Bearing Support Plate- removal help

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    eesh, I must have gotten lucky with the half moon access thing, cause I didn't have to move the flywheel at all. I have an atx tho, so there may be a difference...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildo View Post
    Because someone else will eventually want to do this, here's a pic for reference:
    hey Wildo, im in the same situation right now hahaha. did you had to take the shafts off the tranaxle or did you manage to pry the tranaxle alittle to manage to get to the 2 bolts???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josie_ View Post
    hey Wildo, im in the same situation right now hahaha. did you had to take the shafts off the tranaxle or did you manage to pry the tranaxle alittle to manage to get to the 2 bolts???
    holy crap!! talk about bringing a post back from the dead, i'm in the same situation too but u beat me 12hrs before i would have posted. i first tried loosening some of the tranny bolts but it didnt budge so i drilled the holes like in the pics. now i need to move the flywheel into position to access the nuts. i didnt temove transaxles, but had to take off the crossmember, the verticle bar (forgot what its called) and J-pipe.

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    Hello guys, I've got the same problem, had a big oil leak on my old man's car, I've tried to remove the lower girdle but I can't get to the last two bolts, how do you separate the casing from the engine so I can access the bolts without drilling holes, do I have to remove the trans from the engine or can I just separate it enough to get some room there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focus View Post
    If you look at the flywheel, there are slots that are grooved into it, so that when aligned vertically they give you access to the two bolts. You need to use the starter to turn it slightly until they line up.

    Two ways of accessing them, pry the trans case a little (longer but better way) or drill two holes in the trans bellhousing (faster but not recommended way)
    Do I need to remove cv shafts to pry tranny back enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by richs970 View Post
    I don't know if you got it off yet. But I drilled two holes in the transmission bell housing to get to those bolts. Use a 1/4 drive and the thinnest 10mm socket I could find. Here's a pic:
    my son has a rod bearing knocking on his p5 your answer is very helpful, do you still have the pic of the holes you drilled in the bell housing I am pulling of the mbsp
    and if I had the right location it would save me a lot of time.

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