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Thread: protege garage tow plate order review

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    protege garage tow plate order review

    hi, i was asked to do a small write up about my order at PG.

    i ordered a front license plate holder on 05/23 via the PG website. if you know how to navigate on ze interwebs you shouldn't have any problems lol. i received several confirmation emails (payment accepted, order confirmation and order shipped) and received the plate holder today (05/26) which i think is pretty damn good.

    the piece itself is what it is, a metal plate holder. my dumb ass broke the little screw that goes into the bigger one because i tightened it too much (even tho i was still able to move the plate around, oh well). anyways, replaced it with another screw and now it seems to be fine.
    thx PG.

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    thank you for the sale and review sir

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