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Thread: JBarone STS plate + E4 shift knob combo

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    Thumbs up JBarone STS plate + E4 shift knob combo

    I just installed the James Barone short throw shift plate and E4 performance shift knob combo. The results are quite simply awesome! The feel is excellent and shifts are way quicker. The parts are very high quality--heavy duty machined steel with a powder coat finish and stainless hardware. The kit even includes Loctite and grease.

    I really like the ergonomics of the stock shifter height but I wanted a shorter throw. (It's really silly that a performance car like the Speed 3 has such a long throw--I swear my 1987 Mazda 626 had a shorter throw!) I've found that the time it takes to shift really limits how quickly I can accelerate. By itself, this kit gives you about a 40% shorter throw than stock but it keeps the height unchanged which is exactly what I was looking for.

    I highly recommend getting the E4 knob as well since the short throw plate requires noticeably more effort with the stock knob but the E4 has a lot more mass which keeps everything in balance. You might think the heavier knob would require more effort but the extra momentum lets it slide into gear with less of that "notchy" feel. Not to mention that the E4 looks pretty bad-ass as well!

    Currently there is a special offer where you can get the combination STS plate and E4 knob here and it is a great deal at $135.

    Jamie Barone also provides top notch service. At first I didn't know about the special and he let me switch my order with no hassle. Plus the shipping was really quick. I ordered on Friday and received the goods on Tuesday.
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    Very nice write up!! Thanks for taking the time to mention it.


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