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Thread: *Mazda of the Month 2.0* VOTE NOW for May!

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    Arrow *Mazda of the Month 2.0* VOTE NOW for May!

    Welcome to the Official Mazda Forums "Mazda of the Month" Contest!

    * The MOTM is OPEN to ALL Mazdas! *

    Please note the following rules & guidelines.
    Your cooperation and participation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


    1. ANY form of cheating will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the contest.
    2. You must own the Mazda you are entering into the contest.
    3. Any form of photo/image manipulation is not allowed except for adjusting and enhancing image color, contrast, tone and levels etc.
    4. If you wish to enter two or more times in a row, you will need all new photos of your Mazda for each consecutive month entered.
    5. If you become a MOTM winner, you may not enter the same Mazda again until at least 12 Months after the month you had won. However, if you own several Mazdas, you are welcome to enter those as well.
    Note #1: Each Member may NOT enter more than one Mazda per MOTM contest.
    Note #2: Previous MOTM winners who wish to enter again (after 12 months) must enter with all new photos of their winning Mazda.
    6. Once you have entered (posted) your Mazda, you may not withdraw from the contest.
    7. The MOTM contest & rules are subject to change in order to maintain a fair & fun environment for the Mazda Forums community.

    Contest Requirements:
    * Each contestant must submit three high-quality high-resolution images of their Mazda. One image must be of the exterior, another the engine bay and finally an interior shot.
    * Each contestant must follow the format shown below or your entry will not count!!!
    * Any form of photo/image manipulation is not allowed except for adjusting and enhancing image color, contrast, tone and levels etc.

    1. Username
    2. Name
    3. Model name + (Year)
    4. ONLY 3 Images (one exterior + one engine bay + one interior shot) NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE!
    5. "Mod" List *NOTE* It must be posted in default "Verdana" text size 2. No colors and No funky formatting! Please make your list CLEAR & CONCISE!

    WAIT! Before you take & post pics...Is your Mazda?
    * Washed & Waxed?
    * Engine bay clean?
    * Interior clean?

    Now that your ready to take pics...Is your Mazda?
    * In a well lit place?
    * In front of a sweet background?
    * Engine bay well lit?
    * Interior detail visible?

    Finally...Is your Mazda MOTM Entry?
    * CREATIVE?!?! *

    Example (Obviously, this is NOT my ride but for the sake of an interesting example ):

    Mazda 767B (1989)

    Performance Mods:
    Top Secret

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    Top Secret

    Exterior Mods:
    Top Secret

    Interior Mods:
    Top Secret

    Stereo Mods:

    Awards Won:
    Beyond awards...

    Raced at Le Mans...Helped lay the groundwork for the 787B which won Le Mans in 1991.


    Now on to the fun part...PRIZES!!! Check out what you could WIN!

    Have your Mazda showcased on the Mazda Forums Home, MySpace & Facebook pages!

    From 5% off any purchase made that month!

    From Antoine: $50 Cash bonus only if the owner has a *CLEARLY VISIBLE* Mazda Forums related Sticker/Decal on their car in the MOTM image. Note that the Sticker/Decal has to be a or Mazda Forums related domain decal. Checkout the official Mazda Forums ( decals below:

    Mazda Forums ( Decals

    Mazda Forums Related Decals

    GOOD LUCK to all who enter!


    All voters must have a postcount minimum of a 100 posts and have been a Mazda Forums member for at least 1 month. The only exception to this rule is for Contestants who are also new members.

    2. There is NO tolerance for PERSONAL CAMPAIGNING threads, posts, private messages (PMs), images or links (including signature and or image links). The creation of such ANYWHERE on or off the Internet including will result in that car's immediate disqualification. *If you are disqualified, your entry & poll listing WILL remain but your votes will be removed. Everyone will see that you broke the MOTM rules.

    3. Creating general "Vote for the MOTM" threads and links are not only allowed, it's encouraged!

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    NOTE: Please keep this thread ON TOPIC. Thank you and once again, good luck!

    DEADLINE to VOTE is May 24th '10!
    Sigs are visible only in your first post on a page. To change your thread display preferences, click here and enable 'Always Show Signature'.

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    2006 Mazdaspeed 6

    Performance Mods:
    ~ Altered Customs FMIC
    ~ PG Inlet Pipe
    ~ Custom SRI
    ~ Denso ITV22 Spark Plugs
    ~ Oil Filter Conversion
    ~ CorkSport Turbo Back Exhaust
    ~ Cobb AP - Custom Map
    ~ Turbine Tech Front Engine Mount
    ~ CP-E Rear Motor Mount
    ~ Protege Garage Version 3 Exhaust Manifold
    ~ Balance Shaft Delete
    ~ CorkSport Strut Bar
    ~ PT-Performance PCV Fix
    ~ PT-Performance Windage Tray
    ~ PT-Performance Intake Manifold Gasket
    ~ PT-Performance Coolant Bypass
    ~ SM Oil Catch Can w/ Check Valve
    ~ Blue JBR SSP

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    ~ HKS SSQV - with Gold insert
    ~ Powdercoated Valve Cover - Candy Blue
    ~ Powdercoated Intercooler Piping - Black
    ~ Custom Painted SRI - Black
    ~ Custom Wire Loom - Black
    ~ Powdercoated Strut Bar - Gloss Black
    ~ Custom Painted Throttle Body - Candy Blue
    ~ Powdercoated Intake Manifold - Wrinkle Black
    ~ Blue Oil Catch Can Lines
    ~ Corksport Air Filter - Blue
    ~ SU Oil Cap - Black

    Exterior Mods:
    ~ NextMod AE Replica Grille
    ~ O.Z. 18x8 Ultraleggera Black Rims
    ~ Evil M Emblem
    ~ Custom Painted Brake Calipers – Black
    ~ RHO Tow Plate
    ~ NextMod AE Replica Front Lip - Painted Gloss Black
    ~ VG Shark Fin Antenna
    ~ 2 Lip Struts
    ~ Blacked Out Side Markers
    ~ Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    Interior Mods:
    ~ TWM Performance Stage 2 Short Shifter with Base Bushings
    ~ Custom Leather Shift Boot with Blue Stitching
    ~ Custom Floor Mats with Blue Embroidered Zoom Zoom Letters
    ~ ProSport Gauges - Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure. EGT Guage, 2nd Boost Gauge
    ~ Blockhead 8 Drivers side Vent Pod
    ~ Blockhead 8 Passengers side Vent Pod
    ~ HKS Turbo Timer
    ~ Led Swap (Blue) show use only.
    ~ Future Baby Seat - mazdaspeed approved lol..

    Sponsered By:
    ~ ProtegeGarage
    ~ Altered Customs
    ~ Xtreme Designs
    ~ Auto Audio
    ~ Prestige Motorsports

    Featured On: -- older pics of the car.

    My Build Thread:

    Awards Won:
    2009 AfterShock Show Best Mazda
    2009 Import Wars 2nd Place Overall Mazda
    2009 Rose Car Show 2nd Place Overall Import
    2009 Whaling City Show 2nd Place Mazda
    2009 OCC RJR Memorial 2nd Place Furthest Distance
    2009 OCC+StreetLife Mid Summer Showdown 2nd Place 4 Door Mazda
    2010 Car of the Month (May) at JBR (James Barone Racing)


    2003 Mazdaspeed Protege (Blk Micca)

    Minor Bolt-On's

    2003.5 MSP Lip
    MSPSILVER'S JDP Style Replica Urethane Lip
    Blk Housing Retro-Fit Mazda 3 Projector Headlights
    Time Attack Style 17" Racing Harts
    Badgeless Trunk
    Smoked Tailights

    2003.5 MSP Shift Knob
    AEM Wideband
    Prosport Amber Boost Gauge
    7" XO Navigation Double Din


    2003.5 mazdaspeed protege (sunlight silver)

    Interior Pic???

    Performance Mods:
    mental addiction stock location turbo manifold
    ghldown pipe
    greddy catback with n1 muffler
    atp wastegate actuator
    perrin front mount intercooler
    hks ssqv ver.2 bov
    awr radiator
    perrin fuel rail
    pnp intake manifold with vics and vtcs delete custom painted semigloss black
    greddy electronic boost controler
    unichip piggyback

    Engine Appearance:
    Custom painted red pearl valve cover
    red loomed haness
    optima battery with custom battery box
    red intake hoses
    samco radiator hoses
    nexani oil cap
    greddy coolant overflow

    custom painted gemini reverse cowl carbon fiber hood
    isport carbon fiber roof cap
    custom painted vis carbon fiber trunk
    evolution 8 carbon fiber spoiler (oem)
    tcs carbon fiber mirrors
    autoexe front lip
    dg carbon fiber grill
    smoked jdm tailights
    black housing headlights
    buddy club 2 rear bumper
    buddy club 2 side skirts
    carbon fiber door pillars
    smoked turn signals
    18" drag dr35 matte black rims with nitto neo gen 205 40 tires

    custom painted gauge surround
    3 gauge pillar pod
    glowshift boost gauge
    innovative wide band red
    volt gauge
    greddy turbo timer and boost controler
    carbon fiber shift boot
    ralco rz short shifter
    dave b gauge rings
    mazdaspeed embrorderd racing seats
    nrg harness bar
    memphis mojo 12 in sub
    memphis 1000w amp
    audio sound 4 way amp(door speakers)

    all work done by me, including all the body and paint and all engine work


    2002 Mazda Protege5

    Exterior Mods
    -Mazdaspeed Front Bumper
    -JDM Familia Badge
    -323F Badge
    -Blacked out Evil M
    -Blacked out Rear Vailence*
    -side Molding Delete
    -JDP Front Lip
    -DIY Headlight Backout
    -DDM 8000k HID Kit
    -DIY Caliper Blackout Sticker

    Inerior Mods
    -Mazdaspeed Floormats
    -Mazdaspeed Doorsils
    -Custom Painted Interior pieces

    Engine Mods

    -Kenwod MP3 AUX

    -17'MB Motorsport Seven X
    -Nankang 215-40-17 tires
    -Eibach Pro Kit


    2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Performance Mods:
    - Turbolife FMIC
    - Injen SRI
    - GReddy SP2 Cat-Back Exhaust
    - SLS Midpipe w/ High-Flow Cat
    - SU Front Engine Mount
    - TurboXs RFL BOV
    - Corksport Aluminum Radiator
    - TWM Shifter Bushings
    - Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
    - Turbosmart MBC @ 9psi
    - Split Second AFC V2

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    - GReddy Coolant Cap
    - Polished Mazdaspeed Protege Heat Shield

    Exterior Mods:
    - Mazdaspeed Protege 2003.5 Front Lip
    - ATS DTC Superlights 17x7.5 +42
    - Road Magnet Lowering Springs

    Interior Mods:
    - GReddy Counterweight Shift Knob
    - Prosport White/Amber Boost Gauge
    - Prosport Digital Wideband AFR Gauge
    - Slotege Mazdaspeed Protege Build # Plate


    1989 Mazda MX-5 (NA6)

    Performance Mods:
    - 1996 NA8 BP Engine (1.8L)
    - Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit (150 rwhp @ 5.9 psi)
    - Megasquirt PNP
    - Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensor and Controller
    - ARE Custom Alloy Radiator
    - B6 (1.6L) Lightened Flywheel
    - Xforce Stainless Steel Headers
    - MX5 Plus 2.25" Stainless Exhaust System
    - Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch
    - 2001 NB8B 6-speed Gearbox
    - 4.3:1 Final Drive Gearset
    - 1996 NA8 Torsen 2 Differential
    - 1996 NA8 Brakes Front & Rear
    - Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    - Mazdaspeed Oil Cap
    - Polished Mazdaspeed Protege Heat Shield

    Exterior Mods:
    - Innocent Blue Mica Body Colour
    - Hella Driving Lights
    - IL Motorsport Clear Side Repeaters, Reflectors and High Level Brake Light
    - "Altezza" Style Tail Lights
    - Gold BBS RGF Wheels in 15 x 7" - 33P
    - Toyo R888's in 205/50R15
    - Tein Flex Coilovers with EDFC

    Interior Mods:
    - Momo Team Steering Wheel
    - Mazdaspeed Seats
    - Sparco 3" Racing Harness
    - JDM Door Trims
    - MX5Plus Single Hoop Torque Box Roll Bar
    - 1996 JDM NA8 Interior Trim (Carpets etc...)


    2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

    Performance Mods:
    Spool FMIC
    Spool CAI
    Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator
    Stant Racing Overflow Canister
    Thunder V2 Manifold
    NGK Iridium’s
    Greddy BOV
    Unichip (Custom MAP @ 11psi)
    Apex-i N1 3” Turbo Back Exhaust
    Blitz DCII Turbo Timer & Boost Gauge
    AWR Adjustable End Links
    Tein SS struts & coilovers
    Sumitumo rubber

    Exterior Mods:
    Wings West 3D Carbon Fiber EVO hood (vinyl wrapped center)
    DG Carbon Fiber front sill
    DG Carbon Fiber eyelids

    Interior Mods:
    Sparco Monza Racing Seats
    DG Carbon Fiber Gauge Trim
    DG Carbon Fiber Radio Trim
    DG Carbon Fiber Dash
    DG Carbon Fiber Center Console
    DG Carbon Fiber Center Arm Rest
    DG Carbon Fiber Door Sills (All 4)
    Triple Gauge Pillar w/ Autometer Carbon Fiber Ultralite Gauges
    Pioneer DVD touch screen head unit w/ factory rear mounted sub
    Child Restraint Racing Seat (Orange & Black) for my Son!

    Awards Won:
    IREV 2003 “Best Mazda in Show”


    2010 Pearl white MS3

    More pics to come...Where are the pics???

    TWM Short Shifter
    TWM Base bushings
    TMW Big Type R Shift Knob

    Clear LED Taillights
    5% Rear Tint
    35% Front Tint


    2006 Mazdaspeed 6

    *Photos courtesy of Altspace

    Performance Mods:
    ETS TMIC (Hand polished by me)
    COBB Turbo Inlet Pipe
    COBB Short Ram Intake
    COBB AP running Stage 2+ Map
    Denso ITV-22 1 Step Colder
    CP-E Rear motor mount
    TurboXS Race Pipe
    TWM Stage 1 Short Throw Shifter
    H&R Coilovers

    Exterior Mods:
    Euro style LED tail lights
    Smoked LED side markers
    Mazda CX-7 short antenna
    LEDs in daytime running lights. (Matches HID color)
    Work Emotion CR-Kai 18x7.5
    Nexen N7000 235/40R18

    Interior Mods:
    TWM Desert Eagle shift knob
    DashHawk mounted on steering wheel
    LEDs in interior (RED)
    Custom vent gauge pod with VEI Digital Gauge

    Eclipse CD3200 Head Unit
    JL Audio VR650-CSi in the front
    JL Audio VR525-CXi in the rear
    JL Audio 300/4v2
    JL Audio 500/1
    Custom sealed trunk box for a JL Audio 10w6v2
    Custom amp rack in trunk

    Awards Won:
    3rd place All Wheels Festival 2008.
    Voted best Mazda6/Mazdaspeed6 at First OCC All Mazda Meet.
    2nd place Street Life & OCC's 2nd Annual Fall Run.


    07' Mazdaspeed3 GT

    Autoexe wipers
    Autoexe stubby antenna
    15% tint
    custom rear "flying M" badge
    front bagde color matched gold
    gold pinstriping
    nextmod carbon fiber rear spoiler lip
    JDM yellow fog lights
    partsplaza eyelids
    painted calipers
    rear quarterpanels hammered flat & pulled slightly to accomodate wheel fitment
    repainted and blended into doors

    Redline goods shift boot
    Redline goods armrest cover
    Prosport boost guage
    custom vent pod
    Superbright Red l.e.d. dome/map/hatch lights
    Superbright Red l.e.d. bars illuminating the floorboards
    Custom painted true red/gold interior trim

    Diamond audio 12" D6 DVC sub
    Diamond audio 400.1 amp
    Custom fiberglass sub enclosure w/ simple trim panels
    Ipod interface
    Hi/lo convertors off the factory deck
    Line driver
    Flush mounted gain control in the dash
    Sirius in dash

    BC coilovers
    Hawk pads

    19 x 8.5 +35 Axis Hiros (gold)
    Falken 225/35 FK452s Tires

    S.U. test pipe
    S.U."blackout" turbosmart blow off valve
    S.U. rear engine mount
    S.U. red recirc hose
    ProtegeGarage FMIC kit
    ProtegeGarage turbo inlet
    Injen cold air intake
    Denso 2 step colder spark plugs
    TWM short shifter
    TWM shifter bushings
    resonators removed from 2.5" catback
    ported and polished intake manifold w/ VCTS delete
    Weapon R catch can
    S.U. power steering reservoir cap
    S.U. washer fluid reservoir Cap
    Redline tuning quicklift hood dampers
    Powdercoated valve cover
    Powdercoated intake manifold & misc. other parts

    tranciologist powdercoating
    dynamic autobody

    awards won
    Mazdapalooza 08' - 2nd place best MS3
    HIN tampa 09' - 1st place best driven mazda
    Importfaceoff gainesville 09' -1st place best mazda
    Cars for pinks - Best in show
    Cars for pinks - best stance

    features feature ride
    Car is currently on the S.U. mainpage slideshow

    Team SSP
    Wrong fitment crew #1813


    1993 Mazda MX6

    Engine mods:
    Custom CAI setup w/ HKS filter and external feed (heat wrapped)
    Battery relocated
    Outlaw pheno spacers
    Oil catch can
    PA headers
    AC removed (short belt)
    AWR Motor mounts
    Clutch Masters clutch
    Aasco 9# flywheel
    Magnaflow 2.5 exhaust (no cat)
    NGK plugs./wires
    SS clutch line
    CC removed
    Grounding kit
    Redline MT90 gear oil
    Waterwetter w/70-30 coolant
    Redline PS fluid
    Partial wire tuck
    Bracket removal
    AC fan removed, etc..

    Brakes, Wheels, Tires:
    EBC rotors all around
    Hawk HP + pads
    SS brake lines
    ATE DOT 4 fluid
    Enkei RPF1 17x9 +22
    BFGoodrich T/A KDWs 235/40/17
    Buddy club P1 race nuts..

    AWR custom valved Coilover setup (Bilstein P30s/Hypercoil springs) 325fr/425rr
    AWR front camber plates
    AWR rear 19mm sway bar
    AWR front and rear sway links
    AWR trailing arms
    New OEM control arms/tie rods/ends
    Front and rear strut tower braces
    Auto power 4 point Race roll bar..

    Original Paint
    OEM mudflap valences w/RallyArmor flaps
    Lamin X headlight film
    M-edition taillights
    Side markers
    GTS bug deflector
    SPA design dry carbon mirrors(mirror delete ATM)
    Longacre External battery terminals
    Front bumper support removed
    Debadged/ shaved/ camo’d trunk
    VIS OEM CF hood
    Custom Carbon Fiber front lip
    JDM LSi side pods
    RE Amemiya GT300 Diffuser

    Fully gutted
    Sound deadening removed (sanded/ painted)
    Rear speaker deck cutout
    Sunroof removed
    Rear harness tuck
    Longacre push start in cf panel
    AMS quick release steering
    Sparco wheel
    Sparco seat
    Takata 4 point harness
    JDM stainless door sills
    Braille 11# race battery
    Kill switch..

    TunerManuever Mag Feature
    SouthrnFresh Blog Feature
    Farm of Minds Blog Feature


    2002 mazda protege es

    OEM Front lip
    OEM mud guards
    MSP headlights and tail lights
    VIS CF hood
    black vinyl roof
    YAKIMA Bike rack
    35% tint
    6K hid headlights and 3K fogs with yellow overlays

    Kenwood head unit
    pioneer speakers
    12 in. Kicker Comp
    1000 watt crunch amp

    AEM sr intake
    OBX header
    MSP mid pipe and axle back
    custom painted msp valve cover

    Ksport coilovers
    AWR endlinks
    Progress 22mm rear sway bar
    off brand strut bar


    Paul J Lee
    1st Gen Mazda3 sedan 2005

    -Simota Carbon Fiber SRI
    -GTSPEC Radiator Cooler

    -BC Coilovers-w/ removed collar in front
    -AWR Front endlinks
    -AWR Rear endlinks
    -GTSPEC 4-Point Ladder Brace
    -GTSPEC Lower Front Tie Brace

    Runnin On
    -17x9 +27 A-Tech Weapons
    -BF Goodrich g-Force™ Super Sport A/S (215/45/17)

    -Recaro Speed Seat (Drivers)
    -Mazdaspeed Type F Seat (Passanger) from RHD FD =p
    -Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
    -Carbon Fiber Arm Rest
    -Carbon Fiber E-Brake Cover
    -NRG Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
    -Vibrant Suede E-brake boot
    -Mazda3 Door Stills
    -Broadview Mirror

    -Carbon Fiber Eyelids
    -Carbon Fiber Open Mouth Grill
    -Carbon Fiber Mirror Overlays
    -Custom Carbon Fiber Plannel Plates (behind rear door)
    -CP-e Tow Plate Mount
    -MagnaFlow Performance Tip
    -KN Lip Kit
    -AVS Wind Deflectors
    -Aftermarket LED Tails
    -Ebay Fogs
    -Shark Fin
    -Rally Armor Mud Flaps
    -Axela Badge
    -OEM Side Stills
    -SP Rearroof spoiler

    -GIGA Bijou Car Air Freshener Black
    -Baby Blue Yoshi
    -A Stress Banana
    -OEM Remote Start

    -Luminics JDM Yellow Fog Lights
    -Luminics JDM Yellow High Beams
    -DDM 6000K HID
    -Red LED Corner Lights


    Michael Voharndej
    2008.5 Mazdaspeed3

    Interior Pic???

    MDR intake
    MDR tip
    Corksport Downpipe
    Oem gutted midpipe
    Resonator delete
    PTP High Flow Fuel Pump
    TRZ Dogbone Rear mount
    MDR Shifter bushings

    Suspension / Wheel / Tire
    BC Coilovers (all the way down with all perches removed)
    ABC Exclusive Glanzen
    18x9 +23
    18x10 +28
    Federal 595SS 215/40/18 all around

    Stri X-line Boost gauge
    MSD ignition Dashhawk
    5000k HIDs

    Import FaceOff Houston: Best Mazda
    Import Reactor: Best Mazda3/Mazdaspeed3
    UrbanFLTH Blog Feature Blog Feature
    S3 Magazine Feature (Issue hasnt come out yet)
    WrongfitmentCrew #235
    *Team Opulence*

    What makes my car unique and stand out from the monotony is my wheels and wheel fitment. i haven't seen any other mazda3/ms3 with a setup like mine. it stirs up a LOT of controversy but i do it for me and only me. im an avid fan of drifting and wrongfitmentcrew/hellaflush/stanceworks type stuff so i've implemented it onto my car.


    2007 Mazdaspeed6

    Performance Mods:
    ACT Lightweight Flywheel
    ACT Race Clutch Kit
    ATP Boost Cut Killer
    BC Coilovers
    Cobb Shifter Weight
    CP-E StandBack 2
    CP-E Full Control Flash
    CP-E Catless Single Exit Turbo Back Exhaust
    CP-E Rear Bone Motor Mount
    CP-E Xcel Nano SRI
    CP-E Lightweight Battery Tray
    Custom "Speedie6" Turbo Inlet Pipe
    Custom Treadstone FMIC
    Custom "Whoosh" Rear Diff Brace
    DNP Exhaust Manifold
    F2 Balance Shaft Delete
    F2 Oil Pan Baffle
    High Pressure CDFP
    N2MB 2-Step/WOT Box
    NGK -1step Iridium Plugs
    Nitto NT05 235/40/18
    O.Z. Ultraleggera 18x8 Wheels - Gold Finish
    PnP'd Intake Manifold
    PT Performance Intake Mani Gasket
    SPC Camber Ball Joints
    Turbosmart SU Edition Red/Black BOV
    TWM Stage II Short Shifter
    TWM Shifter Bushings
    Whiteline Adjustable Rear Sway Bar (hardest setting)

    Engine Bay Mods:
    Corksport Strut Brace
    RedLine Tuning QuickLift Elite Hood Dampers
    SU Black Oil Cap
    SU Black Power Steering Reservoir Cap
    SU Black Washer Reservoir Cap
    SU Black Recirc Tube

    Exterior Mods:
    15% Tint All Around
    15mm Wheel Spacers (+33 offset & I already want moar!)
    APR Splitter Support Rods
    Billet Grill - PC'd Black
    CAR-LED L.E.D. Smoked Tail Lights
    LED 194's (Red) Parking Lamps
    LED Super White License Plate Lights
    NextMod AE Replica Badgeless Grille
    NextMod AE Replica Front Splitter
    NextMod AE Replica Side Splitters
    NextMod AE Replica Rear Splitters
    RPM Smoked LED Rear Reflectors
    RPM Smoked LED Sidemarkers
    VG Sharkfin Antenna

    Interior/I.C.E. Mods:
    Alpine W505 2DIN Radio in Custom Dash Kit
    Alpine Imprint Audio System
    Custom LED Lighting in Trunk
    LED Interior Lights - Black Lights in domes & door, super whites in visors
    MSD DashHawk v2.4
    Polk Audio (4) 6.5" Mobile Monitor Coax's
    Polk Audio (2) 12" Mobile Monitor Subwoofers in Custom Enclosure
    Polk Audio (1) PA 1100.5 Amplifier
    Sirius Satellite Radio & HD Radio
    Optima 34/78 Yellow Top relocated to trunk
    TWM Weighted Desert Eagle Shift Knob

    Current Sponsors:
    Soundwaves of Tampa
    Street Unit
    Tranceologist Powder Coating

    Team SSP

    Mazdapalooza Fall '08 --- 1st Place - Best In Class - Mazdaspeed6
    Cars For Pinks '09 --- 3rd Place - Overall


    1992 Mazda 323

    -Progess Drop Springs
    -Rear MX-3 lower Tie Bar
    -SPATS Rear Strut bar (SPATS brand)
    -Mazdaspeed Front Strut bar
    - Ford ZX2 Sway bar
    -COMPLETE LX disc brake conversion
    -15x7 +28" Team Dynamic Pro Race

    -GTR front Bumper w/ Hella foglamp Upgrade + Stone Sheilds (OEM)
    -GTR rear bumper w lip (OEM)
    -EDM GLASS headlights
    -GTX sideskirts (OEM)
    -GTX sedan Foglight Grill (Custom fitted, OEM)
    -GTX Duckbill wing (After market JDM)
    -LX mirrors
    -GTR Wheel Arches (Corksport replicas)

    -MX-3 Leather Front and Rear seats
    -Mx-3 Leather Shift Boot
    -Mx-3 Weighted Shift knob
    -GTX MOMO Leather steering Wheel (OEM)
    -"Familia" Floor Mats (OEM)
    -Black headliner (did my

    -Completely Re-built GT-X Block (new water pump..oil pump..seals..etc...)
    -USDM Head
    -JE 9:1 pistons
    -B6-T Rods
    -ARP Head Bolts
    -ARP Main Bolts
    -KIA Ribbed Belt Setup
    -SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch
    -Energy Suspension POLY Motor Mount Inserts
    -RX-7 550cc Injectors
    -Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    -KIKO performance Turbo Manifold with T3 flange
    -Garret T3/T4 Turbo
    -Turbonetics Wastegate
    -Turbonetics BOV
    -Off-Brand Intercooler w/ custom IC piping
    -3" Downpipe
    -VIBRANT muffler
    -EMS, STINGER, Stand Alone Fuel Mngmt System.

    310WHP 260TQ(or so..was a while ago)


    Tony McQuaig
    2004 Mazda RX8

    -Vertex Lang front bumper with Canards and custom midnight black 2-tone paint
    -Vertex Lang rear lip spoiler
    -R-magic side skirts
    -Custom CF Mazdaspeed rear under diffuser
    -De-badged trunk with custom midnight black 2-tone paint
    -Seibon TS style hood
    -KEI Office eyelids
    -Endura-Tech CF hood dampers
    -Midnight black fuse and ECU covers
    -Cobb tuning gold aluminum battery tie down
    -CF B pillar covers
    -CF mirror covers
    -Carbign Craft CF license plate backing
    -Smoked side markers
    -Smoked tail lights
    -6000K HID's
    -PIAA plasma ion yellow parking lights
    -PIAA mirror orange turn signals
    -LED license plate light
    -Shazbot's blue LED puddle lights

    -Blue LED dome light
    -Blue LED door lights
    -Rotary Rasp's blue LED foot well lights
    -Rotary Rasp's blue LED trunk lights
    -Fortune Auto Titanium shift knob
    -OEM all-weather floor mats
    -Neffy Wrapped CF center console
    -Midnight black window switch panels
    -Midnight black stereo face plate
    -Midnight black Racing Beat ash tray gauge pod
    -Prosport Premium series gauges(oil press/temp, water temp, boost)

    -Kenwood Excelon DNX-8120
    -Zenclosure custom subwoofer box
    -Custom flush mount amp rack
    -Kicker Solobaric 12" L7 subwoofer
    -Kicker ZX750.1 amplifier

    Wheels, Suspension, Brakes:
    -SSR GT2-H 18x10.5" +43 all around
    -Kumho Ecsta XS 265/35/18 all around
    -Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome lugnuts
    -Tein S-Tech springs
    -Progress Technology front and rear sway bars
    -Agency Power front and rear sway bar endlinks
    -Mazdaspeed front strut tower bar
    -RX7store drilled and slotted brake rotors
    -Hawk ceramic brake pads

    -Greddy turbo kit
    -Greddy lightweight aluminum water pump and alternator pulleys
    -Greddy aluminum oil pan
    -Ceramic coated turbo manifold and downpipe
    -Satin black powdercoated intercooler piping
    -BNR upgraded turbo
    -HKS limited edition satin black SSQV BOV
    -Cobb Tuning Access Port
    -Custom 3.5" Cold air intake
    -K&N RX-4140 air filter
    -Agency Power underdriven crank pulley
    -Mazmart water pump
    -Mazmart second oil cooler
    -Project Kics magnetic oil drain plug
    -Custom oil filter relocation kit
    -Richard Sohn's OMP adapter
    -Samco Sport urban camo silicone radiator hose kit
    -Samco Sport urban camo silicone couplers
    -RX7store resonated midpipe
    -Z-Ent grounding kit
    -Optima yellow top battery
    -Air pump delete mod
    -Throttle body coolant bypass mod

    Awards and Recognition:
    -Hall Mazda Best Modified RX8 2009
    -Rotary Car Club ROTM May 2009
    -Featured ride on Club Vertex
    -Featued on Sage Autosports website
    -Deal's Gap Rotary Rally 2010 Best RX8
    -Featued in article on DGRRX


    2003 Mazda Protege5

    Injen Cold Air Intake (Anodized Red)
    Medieval Motor Mounts (Florescent Pink)
    NGK spark plugs
    Custom grounding kit (4awg)(gold)
    Optima Red Top battery
    Custom Exhaust 2.25 J-Pipe back to a 3" Truck Tip
    Front Brake Ducts
    Billet Coolant Overflow
    Mazdaspeed Protege Short Shifter
    Corksport Bronzoil Bushings

    Tein Superstreet Coilovers
    GTSPEC Front Strut Tower Bar
    GTSPEC Lower Tie Bar
    GTSPEC Ladder Bar
    GTSPEC Trunk Cage
    -Rear Strut Tower Bar
    -Lateral Arms
    -Trunk Reinforcement Brace
    Progress Rear Sway Bar
    Custom Front Endlinks

    Daily 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 OEM 18x7.5 w/ Dunlop Sport 5000 225/45/18
    AutoX 1995 Mazda RX-7 OEM 16x8 w/Potenza RE01R 225/50/16
    -Used with 6mm Spacers on all 4 corners.

    Engine Appearance Mods:
    Powder Coated Valve Cover (wrinkle red)
    Apexi Air Diversion Panel (wrinkle black) -Props to Circuit!
    Painted Exhaust Manifold Cover
    Hella Horns

    Exterior Mods:
    Authentic Auto Exe Front Lip
    Corksport A-Spec Side Skirts
    3m Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrapped Rear Spoiler
    DG Carbon Fiber Grill-w/Mazdaspeed Emblem
    Blacked Out Headlights
    DDM Tuning 6000k HIDs
    DDM Tuning 3000k HIDs (Fogs)
    Painted Rear Valance
    Stubby Antenna
    Tribute Washer Nozzles
    Front License Plate Tilt Bracket forum sticker

    Interior Mods:
    Corbeau FX1 Pro Seat
    Wedge Seat Brackets
    Harness Bar
    Gready GREX Shift Knob
    Custom Gauge Cluster Pod
    Prosport Voltage Gauge
    Custom Door Material
    3m Carbon Vinyl E-Brake Cover
    Paint Matched A-pillars to door switches (Satin Silver)
    LED Replaced Lighting
    Windows Always on Mod.

    Stereo Mods:
    Pioneer Deck
    Pioneer Component Set
    Pioneer 6x9s
    Alpine 250w Amp
    Pioneer 700w Amp
    MTX Road Thunder 10" Sub woofer

    MOTM April 09 Winner


    1993 Ford Probe~base model (MAZDA 2.0FS Engine & G-series Trans)

    I won't make you read two pages worth of modifications, so I will keep it short...

    full forged and completely custom

    fully built

    fully built

    fully built

    fully custom

    fully custom with the worlds only oem carbon fiber probe spoiler

    dyno tuning:
    about 4 min long

    simply that I am disabled, and have never given up my dream of owning and developing my own race car. I've been building this car since September of 1997.
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    Blog Entries
    Done & done...VOTE NOW for your FAVORITE EPIC Mazda of the Month for MAY!
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    Wickliffe, OH
    Easily the most insane line up of cars I have EVER seen on this forum. had to give it up to the probe simply due to the amount of work done to it. Kudos to you sir.
    Past: 2002 Turbo'd Automatic Protege5
    Current: 2008.5 CWP MS3 with a few mods - Build Thread

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    10k RPM Probe

    '96 Probe GT & '95 Probe GT

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    St. Louis, MO

    ...damnit..well I voted first! For the mx6, although Chris' Probe has a LOT of really trick stuff in it and is a well built/purpose built road race car.
    '96 Probe GT- Sold and missed.
    '95 Probe GT- 84k miles, Sierra Mist Blue, the new racecar!
    10k rpm, 12:1, Forged H-Beams, ITB's, External wet sump, Custom Longtubes, One-off SLA cams, Miata Lightweight SLA conversion, 175 shot Direct Port, Progress

    '02 Maxima- 6 speed, stock trap/ET records!
    14.0@99.8 STOCK!

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    Damn this is going to be so tough, such a crazy mix of flush, functional, old, new, track, daily, jdm, etc. I am going to have to wait this out to decide...

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    Rust Bucket

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    im really feelin rhoadblock's engine bay, looks sick
    not sure who im voting for though, this is hard lol

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    Best looking MX-6 I've ever seen. Many good looking cars this month but that rolling shot won it.

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    lol ya I've been scrolling up and down for the last 30min or so, it's so hard but gotta go with the spicy love just to keep it simple, so I don't keep scrolling for the next few hours lol.. it's too hard
    RIP MSP #1219
    New Spicy#1297

    -15% tint, 6000k fogs, 8000k headlights, 2X12" MTX subs/amp, JLB 180.2 amp powering JLB GTI speakers+kickpanel tweeters, Deck Pioneer 6X9", Tsunami1.2 Capacitor, iPod Interface, Optima Red-top West Wings EVO CF hood w/WW grill mesh, DGM CF Airdamn,Raammat, Dexter CF hood prop kit, 1sty Ground Kit, 18" RH Evolution S7 Wheels
    -Injen CAI+Hydroshield, Custom FMIC/pipes, duel A-pilar, AM Bst Gauge,AEM WB, SS AFC v2, 3" Vibrant exhaust, CS S-pipe+Kartboy hangers,Vibrant vac block, NGK-1colder,CS F/R+AWR L/R MM inserts, HKS SSVQ v2 bov, Greddy EBC/TT, PG IM+Blue Vac Engine
    -DGM StyleII CF Eyelids, Tein SS Coilovers, Rotorworks Drilled/Slotted Rotors, CarboTech Bobcats Pads, Red SS break lines,Red Calipers, CS Clutch Line, WeaponR Oil Catch Can and Coolant Reservoir

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    this reminds me of the "sickest cars thread"

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    SMDH @ dumb people

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    I voted
    .........WFC #1813 | slammed member #40.........

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    Kudos to the winner this month...great cars in this one!!!
    Communication...the first thing you learn as a child.
    Tryin' to get rid of some stuff...

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    WHAT TO DO!!!

    R.I.P. The Slammed Thread 2009-2012

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    love the 323!!!
    I want another MAZDA!!!

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