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Thread: Battery light on Tribute stays on..everything tests ok???

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    Angry Battery light on Tribute stays on..everything tests ok???

    Ok so my battery light on my 2002 Tribute stays on (well it does go off some of the time) the battery light has tested fine and so has the alternator. Actually this has been going on for quite some time but is now staying on longer. When i take it in to get checked everything tests fine and some of the time the light isn't even on when I drop it off (although it was on during the drive to the shop) Any suggestions what it might be? A short some where? It's just really annoying


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    You may have a voltage regulator problem. The Voltage Regulator is the device that sits in between the alternator and the battery. Its purpose is to allow current from the alternator to reach the battery when the battery needs it. It opens when the battery is full to prevent overcharging and closes when the battery is drained to allow it to charge. Try hooking up your volt meter to the battery and turning on the lights and fan with the truck running. Then watch to see if the meter increases to around 15 volts and then drops to around 13 volts. If you are not getting this fluctuation, you may need to replace your voltage regulator.

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