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Thread: Airbag light and related code finally fixed

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    Airbag light and related code finally fixed

    Over this past Summer, I did a collision restoration on a 2005 Mazda 3i 2.0. Along with replacing the driver's airbag, and I had the SRS module reset. The airbag light turned off, as promised by the company who reset the module. Unfortunately, however, the airbag light came back on about a week or two later. I had the airbag codes pulled, and code B1890 came up, which is "Passenger Airbag Deactivation ("PAD") lamp shorted to battery".

    After checking the related electrical circuits and fuses, I figured that the module was at fault. I returned the module to the same company, and they cleared all of the codes again at no charge. After installing the module, the airbag light turned off for about a week. Then it turned on again. At this point, I was getting very frustrated. The company who reset my module recommended that I replace the PAD lamp holder. The bulb holder is such a simple connector that I almost disregarded the advice. However, I hit the local salvage yards today and brought one home. Here's the main point of the story: I noticed that the bulb in the holder from today is 5W; I've been using a 7W bulb, as most posts say that the PAD lamp bulb is the same as that of the glove box and trunk. I inserted the 5W bulb into the bulb holder, and it turned off my airbag light. Hopefully, this post will help those of you with the same airbag code.
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    Well done I told you I'd reply to this

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