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Thread: cd changer location?

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    cd changer location?

    Hello all, just joined forum.
    Own 2 Mazda's a Premacy and a Mazda6 (live in the UK)
    I have my first query that i hope someone can answer
    I have bought off E-bay a genuine Mazda CD changer for the Premacy. Have it connected up and it works fine. it came with a long lead so changer must go in boot? Can some tell me where it went when fitted as standard option?
    A photo would be even better. Any one got a manual for CD as main car manual refers to seperate manual.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    I thought that the only Mazda CD changers were in-dash?

    You can see a couple pictures here:

    If you have a stand-alone CD changer, I guess the glovebox or under one of the seats would work but keep in mind that CD changers are obsolete.

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    Thanks for reply but in UK the Premacy had the option of a 6 cd changer thats a seperate box. Comes with a very long cable that plugs into back of radio unit in dash and although second hand all genuine Mazda parts
    Like a lot of late 90's models this box must go in boot but cant see where best to fit it so its safely out the way.
    On some cars the changer went behind the removeable panels you get in boot to get to the lights but that dosn't seem posible in the Premacy.
    Will have to stop another Premacy driver and ask if they have CD or go to the dealer

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