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Thread: Changing Turn signal bulbs/Upgrading headlight bulbs

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    Changing Turn signal bulbs/Upgrading headlight bulbs

    Hey everyone. I am new to the Mazda world. I have a 08 cx-9 sport. I have had for about a year and love it. Wanted to know what your guys thoughts are on upgrading bulbd for the headlights and how much of a pain is it to change out the bulbs in the turn signals? Thanks and I hope to get and give a lot of good info from here.

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    I replaced the headlights in my 2000 626 to leds . Piece of cake, and they work great .....MUCH brighter . Do a diligent search on Amazon and you should find a pretty good deal . I am looking into changing all my exterior bulbs to leds ,including the turn signal bulbs . Just have to make sure you order the correct bulbs to fit your various sockets . Easy to cross reference the numbers of old to new online .... usually the numbers are the same anyway. "Superbright " has a good set up which shows how bright each replacement bulb is ,cause some are brighter than others . Also a very few bulbs are longer than others , so you have make sure you have clearance . Sometimes going to led bulbs will cause hyper flashing with some flasher units , because the leds draw less current than the old bulbs . In that case you can get a replacement flasher sometimes that is solid state and works fine with leds . Or you can install what are called load resistors for each turn signal bulb. Also Some cars will show a message that a bulb is burned out if you don't use what are called CANbus bulbs . They are about the same price as non CANbus bulbs . I am changing my brake lights to leds too since they are so much brighter and go on instantly and have a "crisper "flash . I am even installing a unit that makes the brake light flash really fast for an instant , then flash slower , then go to solid on, to try to wake up the driver behind you . Have fun !

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