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Thread: Mazda 5 Community in Hong Kong

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    Mazda 5 Community in Hong Kong

    I am surprised people in this city actually appreciate Mazda 5 not just a daily driver, but a car they like to spend time make it look and drive nice.
    Every week, there are mini car meetings and welcome whoever like to join. Chatting and fixing what can be done to the car.

    Our cars are starting to age, so a lot of DIY fixing or fixing tips. Modding is another big topic, it is great to see some owner actually put over kill parts on their car, like BBK, new steering wheel, undercar brace, coilover etc.

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    Very nice! Wish I had found a community like that in Dallas...

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    Your neighbors across the pond also have a huge community. Make sense a small van is popular in congested places.

    FWIW, YellowSpeed is also based out of Taiwan.
    Stuff for sale:
    YellowSpeed DPS Coilovers - cheap


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    I am in HK every 6 weeks. I prefer the Alphards to the Premacy, when I am there

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