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Thread: What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

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    Mazda 5

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    Oct 2019
    I have checked new tires for my car. Also i bought bigger exhaust pipe extension. I fel like a little boy who is tuning his car haha!

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    2012 Mazda5 Sport AT

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    May 2008
    Ordered some new winter tires to replace the dead ones: Blizzak WS90s in 195/60/16. Went narrower to get a better footprint in the snow and ice, especially because the 5 has so much weight over the rear, making traction even worse. They'll arrive and get installed next week and I'll finally throw them on the car in January sometime. Also lots of nasty noise coming from the front end I'm getting checked out.
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    I have a Mazda 5 2006 and today i installed rearcam, and a 4g router and finaly i got 3 hybrid signs on the car, it did not help, it's still 13km/l .

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