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Thread: MPV 2001 starter problem

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    MPV 2001 starter problem


    I have a 2001 MPV ES. The van was having problems starting and my mechanic said it was a bad starter. He replaced the starter with a rebuilt model, but that also started funny. He replaced the starter 2 more times and they all started weird. Next week, he will attempt to replace it a 4th time. Yesterday, I had the battery, starter and alternator checked at Sears. They said the battery was bad and they gave me a brand new battery (under warranty) and said the starter and alternator were fine. The problem is that the the van still starts weird sometimes. It makes that nasty sound that you hear if you attempt to start an engine that is already started. Someone suggested that it could be a bad flywheel. Can anybody give me any suggestions as to what the problem could be or direct me to a website that can help. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm having exactly the same problem with my mpv 2001. I already had the starter replaced and it continues to happen sporadically. My mechanic said it could be a number of problems such as the ignition switch, solenoid, computer issues. He cannot fix it unless he heards it. He had it in the shop all day and he couldn't replicate the problem. Of course it only happens when its out of the shop.

    He doesn't advise changing everything because it is hit and miss.

    Did you find a solution to your problem yet.

    Would appreciate your help.

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    it could be a bad starter solenoid, but bad battery cables or terminals can cause this too

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    It cant be the starter solenoid if the whole starter itself has been replaced several times. I would check the condition of the teeth on the flexplate. Then check for voltage drop between the battery and where the wires connect to the starter to make sure its getting good power and ground.

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    but it CAN be
    I've seen all sorts of problems with brand new reman whatever bullshit from vatozone

    try ordering a denso starter online... it'll cost more but you will NOT regret it!
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