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Thread: How long do these engines last?

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    How long do these engines last?

    How long did you have your 2.0 L before it went bad? or know anybodys that did? just wondering how many miles can go on these

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    There are guys that have gone well over 100k and some that have hit the 200k mark. Just with any other engine, take care of it and it'll take care of you.
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    180K+ miles and still runs strong.

    * one bad coil
    * many EGR cleanings
    * oil change every 5000 miles
    * hit it hard to redline quite often, actually...

    Sounds like a reliable motor to me...
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    yeah, i've had mine almost 100k miles now on it. (only had it for the last 15k or so). only problem ive had is EGR.
    if you get it, make sure to REPLACE and NOT CLEAN it. There are revised egr valves, Mazda N/A even admitted to the problem, and manufactured new ones.

    Cleaning will only give you another 6 months before the CEL comes on again..

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    They will go as long as you let them. Regular maintenance and don't drive it like a meat head and it'll be fine. Although I bought mine @ around 80k miles and around 87k I bent a cam and threw a rod into my block. (protest) But I got a new block under warranty... 24k on the new motor.

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