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Thread: Rear Wheel Camber is Eating Tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiftySix View Post
    I had the front right strut of my 5 blow its oil out all over the inside of the wheel well and inside of the wheel. That front right wheel was bouncing pretty hard with no shock absorbing going on. Strange that the strut only made it to 75,000 miles. (sadbanana)

    Anyway, I had the front struts replaced today at the local repair shop and got a four wheel alignment done as well. Pretty much a requirement with a strut job, I suppose.

    The good thing is that I left my usual transport load in the back for the alignment job. Hopefully, my rear tires will wear like a live axle pick up truck from here on out.

    My passenger front strut made it to 83,000 miles

    my driver front strut made it to 86,000 miles.

    replaced them both with Bilsteins. Car rides phenomenal. Did the work myself.

    Replaced both rear with Bilsteins as well (didn't need them. rears were perfectly fine).

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    A late check in at 94,000 miles.

    19,000 miles since my last post and the tires are wearing nice and even on the rear (front too). It looks like I'll get at least two years out of a set of tires now instead of the one year I was getting before installing the SPC parts.

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    I did alignment when I lowered the 5 with TEIN SA. The result was the front-left is 2deg off and the rest is fine, but I see the rear is fairly negative.

    Would camber bolt fix the front?

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    Camber bolts can fix the front since it uses Mac struts. Rear you'll have to get extended or adjustable control arms.

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    Rear Wheel Camber is Eating Tires

    Just re-read your post.

    Given that you bought the car new, my guess is that the tech who set the car up on the alignment reach did something wrong with the right rear wheel/tire given the massive camber discrepancy.

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