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Thread: Mazda 3 life expectancy

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    Quote Originally Posted by WheelMcCoy View Post
    Thank you for such a detailed post! I purchased my 2010 Mazda3 iTouring 5 speed back in September 2010. It has 70k miles, and so far, I haven't had any major problems. We do have some similarities:

    1. My driver's seat was a little loose and was firmed up with a recall (seat lifter links braced). The dealership took care of it, no charge.
    2. OEM brake pads still on!
    3. On second set of halogen headlights (you probably do more night driving). BTW, I don't think our headlamp housing reflector was designed for LED bulbs, and you may be blinding oncoming drivers.
    4. Around 65k miles, had to top off coolant with FL-22 as well.

    I do my own oil changes. Regarding your oil leak, I suspect the dealer put the new oil filter on without removing the old oil filter rubber gasket. That would cause a poor seal and result in oil leaking.
    Regarding the LEDs, people in this thread ( didn't seem to have issues, and as far as I can tell I seem to be OK. I got the SEALIGHT drop-in replacements, and my experience was that it appeared just as limited in height as was shown in Post #3 on that thread. I haven't gotten flashed yet - so far so good.

    I will say, the LED high beams are HOLY CRAP police spotlights so I will rarely use them.

    I had the seat issues before the recall, don't know if there's any way to get reimbursed at this point. I still need to get the recall done, actually, now that you mention it.

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    We got our daughter a 2007 sedan, 2.0, with 176,000 on it and it isn't eating oil as bad as some stories I've seen. I've changed transmission fluid and the pan because it was rusted but everything else in the engine is bone dry. Also replaced the 3 mounts, rotors, pads, break fluid, belts, rear shocks and mounts, and tomorrow I'm doing the struts. Out of necessity, had to replace a shift solenoid, 5 year old battery, and hood release cable but all in all, this is a good little and easy to work on car.

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