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Thread: Minor oil leak 2000 1.6?

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    Minor oil leak 2000 1.6?

    New here..but not to the Mazda Pro

    I have a 2000 1.6 LX with 46,000 miles and have had it since new.
    I have always seemed to have a problem when I get the oil changed (I know I should be doing it myself!) that they overfill it according to the dipstick.
    The first time it took me a few days to figure it out as I was leaving oil spots and when I had it checked out they found the oil too full and drained about half a quart and the leak went away. Mechanic said it appeared to come from the oil pan seal on the front crank end. This was 3 years ago...
    I am now on top of checking before I leave EVEN though I tell them to not use the reference they have, but to check the dipstick.
    Fast forward to 2 weeks ago... got the oil changed at a different shop, "suprise" when I checked it was overfilled. Back in the bay...drain about .6 quarts... dipstick checks fine... on my way.
    Ever since.... I am getting just enough oil leaked to form a drip only when the car is driven. Not a big deal but annoying. Have checked the dipstick and it is right at the full mark and has not gone down really at all.
    From what I can tell it is coming from the front/crank end of the oil pan, not wet above that I can tell using a flashlight and peeking around all sides including the area above and around the crank pulley or on the toothed interrupter gear behind it.
    Checked the pcv valve and it appears to be clear...
    Is there any way to tell for sure if this is the pan seal on that end and not the front seal?
    I would like to get it fixed... but from what I hear the oil pan drop is going to be pretty pricey, and would hate to have it done and then find out it is something else...
    Anyone have this prob happen to them...and what was the resolution?

    Sorry so long for my first post!

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    They should be able to use a tracer dye with a UV light to verify where exactly the leak is coming from. Otherwise, if you're somewhat mechanically inclined, the oil pan drop is not that hard - you just have to move a few things out of the way first.

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    I only take the cars I dont care about to this jiffy lube joints...they're idiots...I like to do my own oil changes to avoid little surprised like this, or stripped out oil pan drains.

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    I'm having the EXACT same problem on my 2000 1.6l Protege! I've changed the oil pan gasket...still leaked. I was uncertain about the oil pan, so I changed the oil pan and gasket again....still leaked.

    I hate the thought of removing that oil pan again...mainly because I'm a little weary of the exhaust bolts I had to remove. They seemed pretty rough getting out and putting back in last time.

    It's leaking from the front seal, under the crank. Does anyone know what changing the front seal will entail?

    This is my first day, and first post on this site, so I apologize for being so long.

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    i changed the oil pan gasket 2 times with some of that silycon, and still leaked. i was sure that i put enuff of it int here to seal everything. but still leaked. so i decided to buy the U shape rubber end seals, and that did the trick. hope that helped.

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    Of course it leaked the first 2 times. You HAVE to use the end seal gaskets, and use silcone (RTV) along the length of the pan. You also have to make sure you silicone the block in all the corners. I've changed the end seal gaskets and the oil pan itself and it still leaks. But I'm pretty sure that I have a bad front seal. Yesterday on the way home, something seriously bad happened. I popped the hood, and there is oil ALL OVER the front of the motor, all over the crankshaft, all over the alternator, and all over my belts. Haven't had time to investigate, but I'm 91.2% sure that it's the front seal that totally blew out. Ugh....I'm just going to sell the damn thing. I love Mazdas....this is my 3rd Mazda....but I'm going to sell it and fix up my Cavalier and drive that. I'm tired of this car..... *sniff * sniff
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    My problem did turn out to be the front seal/crankshaft seal. My cam seals were also leaking. I took the car to the Mazda dealer and they changed out the crank seals, cam seals, water pump, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, timing belt cover, head gasket, valve cover gasket, new belts, and a couple other small items for only $725!! I feel like I got a great deal, and I'm VERY happy that I have no more leaks.

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