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Thread: NEMOC Random BS Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazooka joe View Post
    tony, what*s up?
    Hey Mark, still in NJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Reitrof View Post
    Hi all,

    Nice work CHris and Amanda, great to see it up and running.

    Hi Tony, nothing yet. Actually had the FD rims from the Miata on the 3 which worked great. Did the switch for an autox.

    Had an incident on Tuesday night. Bringing the car home for winter storage and hit a very large raccoon less than a mile from the house. The Mazdaspeed bumper cover is toast. looks like damage to the undertray as well. Need to take it in for an estimate. Trying to find another Mazdaspeed front cover is almost hopeless. There are some repo's out there but not sure how good they are.

    Its good when that they fit, ouch that front end its tough to bring it back to what you had, I guess repairing it is out of the question.
    Good luck finding a replacement.

    I had to replace the springs on the skyactiv 3, rear drive was broken and reading on the forums that this is common issue opted for a Racing Beat spring kit, just replaced the rear and car drives much better.
    Drop is almost minimal and with works great with stock shocks/struts.
    The transmission isn't ahifting as smooth though, had better hopes for the skyactiv platform vs the gen 1 mazda 3.
    Maybe do a transmission drain and fill with oem type FZ might help but it only has 40k miles.

    Hope ya'll had a nice halloween, it pissed poured by me.

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    Sorry about the front lip Bruce, those damn trash pandas!!! Arg!

    Didnít do much for Halloween but I did get to see some of my Mazda peeps over the weekend.

    First we met up with Jacob, ML, and Sean so we could bury the old hatchet as they say. Lol, Jacob took us to an axe throwing bar...which is apparently a thing. It was lots of fun!

    Then I signed up for an autox with the Rx7. Amanda was going to come but it was supposed to be in the 40s and 50s all day so she passed on that. I didnít do all that great with the Rx7. I ran the 300tw 13 inch tires on which donít have all that much grip. The car is a hoot to drive with them, but itís just not all that quick. With the neutral handling you basically throw it into corners and mash the pedal to get it to rotate. The limited slip rotates the car just enough. Wish I had someone taking video. I was 6 seconds off pace for the STS class, which my car is a bit over modified for anyway. I might have shaved 2 seconds off with my other tires, but they donít play well in cold temps. The rest I guess is just experience. I did a ride along with Leah in the Rx8 and she show me a few different lines. Brian rode along with me for several runs, he said there was a little time left in the car, but not much. I could induce braking oversteer, throttle oversteer, and lift off oversteer, but all controllable, just not quick. I need someone with experience to co-drive it. Any takers for next season?

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    Well that was short lived! Already sold my Element after a whole 2 months of ownership. Made a few hundred on it, plus it needed more work. Guy who bought it realllly wanted exactly that one, so he didnt have as much wiggle room with trying to bring the price down

    Now time to find my Astro!

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