You baby boomers taking all the good jobs from us millennials! Arrrh! J/K

Got my tickets for Limerock. Depending on weather we will probably just take the Jeep. The REPU is running fine now but I havenít tried towing with it, and itís not a comfy drive in hot weather.

Update on the Rx7. I took it to a Track night last month at NHMS and on the final cool down lap of the evening I blew out a coolant seal between the block and water pump housing. Tried to top off the radiator but it wouldnít hold so AAA towed me home. I ran into the SCCA IT7 crew and one of the guys lent me a different intake manifold to try. Instead of wrapping around, this one goes straight in. It puts the injectors closer to the intake ports which helps a lot with idle. It should kill the low end torque even more, but allow it to rev higher. Butt dyno confirms its gutless below 5,000 and screaming over 7,000. Gotta get it back on the real dyno to confirm.